How to appease mental anguish

How to appease mental anguish

Mental anguish - pain the most incomprehensible. It brings to the person more sufferings, after all from it there are no tablets, mixtures or syrups. Never you know - whether it will pass tomorrow or will be tightened for many years. It is necessary to get rid of mental anguish slowly and consistently, without counting on instant result.

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That there is a wish to make the first - everything to forget and to escape. But way "buy the permit to the sea or the ticket to the village to the grandmother" not the best. It will yield only momentary result. And then it will be all the same necessary to come back home to the real world. And then pain will become only more sharply. Everything in habitual life will remind of pain – memory was muffled for a short time. And upon return she will take control of heart again.


To get rid of pain, it is necessary to call its reason. Accurately to speak it aloud. Or to write. The main thing – to realize. Maybe the interlocutor for this purpose will be required is there can be the best friend or the psychologist. If pain is caused by loss of the loved one, it is necessary to understand, what will wound in leaving most of all? It can be fear of loneliness or sense of guilt of the dead. If darling threw, it is necessary to understand that really resulted from his leaving: the confidence in tomorrow is lost or the pride is hurt.


When the reason is called and realized, it is necessary to start eliminating it gradually. For a start to tell itself: "I do not want to live with this pain any more. And that will get rid of it, I will make something new tomorrow – I will start writing verses to pour out in them all sufferings, or to have the blog to share pain with readers. I will go for dances or fight to splash out the pain physically. I will be engaged in embroidery or production of soft toys that laborious work dulled sharpness of mental anguish." It will be easier for someone after he cries all night long – everything depends on temperament, education and habits.


Now it is possible to start getting rid of that reminds you of the reason of mental anguish. To clean for time or at all to throw out photos and things of the person who is a pain source. Or to communicate less with it if it still is present at life. If a source of mental anguish – work loss not to read article on professional subjects, to avoid communication with the former colleagues.


When the reason is called and realized, there is nothing that can remind of it, and emptiness in life is filled with hobby, it is possible to tell: "I begin new life in which there is no place of mental anguish". And to start rejoicing to every day. To look for for this purpose a supply. It can be the favourite song heard on radio, conversation with the loved one, eaten for the night a chocolate, walk in the rain barefoot and without umbrella, purchase of a new dress or tie. There is a lot of reasons for pleasure. Them it is much bigger, than reasons for grief! And each new day is a powerful pill against mental anguish.