As it is better to delete warts

As it is better to delete warts

Warts have the virus nature. And though the majority of them are not hazardous to health, but they look very unattractively. Besides it is frequent after education of one there are also others. Therefore you should not delay treatment. It is possible to get rid of warts by means of various methods today.

It is required to you

- juice of a chistotel.

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Address to the doctor is the most correct way. He will help to find out, whether it is possible to delete a concrete wart. It is necessary to visit surely the expert if the wart bleeds, noticeably disturbs, started changing a form, strongly increased or became painful. Now there are some methods of removal of warts.

To you can suggest to remove warts by means of the laser. As a result of laser influence there is a deepening, completely disappearing in 2 weeks. Healing after this procedure proceeds without serious consequences, does not demand restrictions at contact with water and in sports. To remove warts with the laser, use 2 types of influence. One of them is called coagulation of a wart as the karbondioksidny laser, and another - laser evaporation of a wart, the erbium laser deletes it with layers in some micron.

Electrocoagulation. Warts delete with current of high frequency. It coagulates nearby fabric, it closes penetration of a virus of a wart into healthy fabrics, providing absence of bleeding and disinfecting. But, nevertheless, this method is not applicable for deep removal of warts since leaves behind a small scar.

Cryodestructions. Removal happens by cauterization of a wart liquid nitrogen. During this process there is no contact with blood, and it excludes further infection of healthy fabrics. But this method has big shortcomings. It is impossible to control influence depth: if the freezing is insufficient, it should be repeated once again, and at the superfluous – the hem or a scar can be created. Also after procedure there is a noticeable hypostasis and an epidermialny bubble which can keep after removal of a wart some days.

If decide to use surgical intervention, have to remember that after it the seam which is leaving behind a noticeable hem is imposed. This way of removal of warts is connected with blood loss and increase in risk of secondary infection.

It is possible to get rid of such ugly new growths and by means of national methods. Juice of a chistotel – excellent warts medicine. Cut off a plant stalk that there was a juice. Prizhgite to them all surface of a wart. Repeat procedure each 6 hours. Full disposal of a wart requires 2-3 days. If there is no fresh plant, buy ready juice of a chistotel in a drugstore.

Strengthen protective forces of an organism. Use more fresh fruit and vegetables. Very often warts develop because of the lowered immunity or during an exacerbation of chronic diseases.