As it is necessary to swing feet

As it is necessary to swing feet

The beautiful tightened legs it is possible to pump up houses quickly. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out systematically special exercises which involve all groups of muscles of extremities, gradually increasing number of repetitions and adding burdenings.

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Get up directly, put feet together, hands arrange on a belt. Bend one foot on an exhalation and attract a knee closer to a breast. Pull a sock of the rising foot on yourself. On a breath lower an extremity on a floor. Repeat exercise by other foot. Execute on 15 – 30 rises.

Get up on one foot, put on her knee foot another. Extend hands before yourself. As it is possible sit down on one foot below, having made an exhalation. On a breath – rise. Execute not less than 10 knee-bends on each foot.

Put feet on width of shoulders. Extend hands before yourself. Sit down on an exhalation, having delayed a tailbone back. When hips reach the position parallel to a floor, be late for some seconds. Become straight, having made an exhalation. Repeat exercise of 20 times.

Get up directly. Put palms on a belt. On an exhalation make attack aside, having bent a foot in a knee. Popruzhinte on it 20 seconds. Get up on a breath and make attack in other party. Execute on 20 attacks in each party.

Place feet as it is possible more widely. Put palms on hips. Rise on toes and on an exhalation squat, taking away a tailbone back. Get up on a breath. Carry out exercise, without touching a floor by heels. Execute 20 – 30 knee-bends.

Lay down sideways. Raise the foot lying from above pull a sock on yourself up. Quickly lift and lower a foot within three minutes. On an exhalation lower a foot and turn over on the other side, repeat exercise by other foot.

Lying on a stomach, put hands along a body, lower a chin on a floor. Doing an exhalation, raise one foot up, take to a canopy of 10 seconds. Lower a foot on a floor on a breath. Repeat exercise by other foot. Execute not less than 10 rises by each foot.

Kneel, lean hands about a floor. Take away a direct right foot back and execute 20 moves up – down. Repeat other foot. Buttocks leave on heels, relax.