How to pump up long muscles-1

How to pump up long muscles-1

Strong back – the key to success practically in any power sport. Carrying out function of a framework, it assumes the main loadings and at occupations by powerlifting, and during wrestling fights. Besides, the direct back is also a health sign. And the basis of a healthy and direct back is made by long muscles.

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Long muscles on an equal basis with the short make two types of deep muscles of a back. The body of the person has three types long muscles: belt muscles of a neck and head, razgibatel of a backbone and cross and awned. Each of these types has the direct appointment. So belt muscles help to move to the head and a neck, cross and awned carries out extension of the top departments of a backbone, and also its rotation. At last, a razgibatel of a backbone – the longest and strong back muscle.


Some types of trainings are suitable for strengthening of these muscles of a back at once: exercises with burdening (the exercise machine, a bar, dumbbells) and exercises without burdenings.

Exercises with burdening have to be the prevailing component in the list of trainings for those who strengthens long muscles of a back. It is best of all to carry out them in a gym with the corresponding equipment, and also in the presence of secure of partners.


Those who successfully copes with a bar, can try the following exercises:

Inclinations with a bar lying. For this purpose adopt the horizontal provision on a bench facedown. Assign a bar to the head. Carry out inclinations down (a bend place – a waist) with return to starting, horizontal position.


Inclinations with a bar sitting. Key distinction from the previous exercise that here you should not lie and sits on a bench, carrying out inclinations down, to hips. Thus elbows have to touch knees.


Inclinations with a bar standing. In this case you hold vertical position (it is necessary to stand on props). The bar is in the bent hands at the level of a breast this time. Inclinations carry out down, thus hands become straight, lowering a bar.


Those to whom dumbbells are closer, can advise the following exercises. A starting position – standing, dumbbells are in the hands extended up. At a body tilt towards hand knees with shells pass between feet.


It is possible to fix similar exercises the training without burdenings including various types of push-ups.