How to manipulate people

How to manipulate people
Gift of belief is necessary for you for work with people? You want to be able to convince other people to make what is necessary for you? In this article we will try to understand questions how to manipulate people in the purposes.

For a start it is necessary to decide on the manipulation purpose, firmly to realize what exactly need to achieve from the person. It is possible to induce the person to do any act or, for example, to force it to think of itself in positive light, and about the competitor on the contrary! Ways of manipulation in many respects depend on a goal.

If decided on the purposes, it is necessary to get more information on the person which will manipulate. It is more than information – will pass process much easier. Learn as it is possible better its interests, tastes, habits. Can well be a source of similar information of a page on various social networks. There you not only will find the necessary personal information, but still learn: where the person, where and with whom likes to have a rest and so on works. It is most important to find that will interest you most more – then the attention to the person will be sincere, and he will not notice falseness in communication. Any person likes to realize that he is interesting to someone.

Try to understand position of chosen "victim", to look at a situation his eyes – then all its pluses and minuses will be visible to you, and you will be able easily to find its weak spot!

Further it is necessary to work the image, after all many meet on clothes as popular wisdom speaks. It is easier to manipulate people if you look always excellently and gracefully. Eighty interest of information on the interlocutor can be drawn, looking at his face, and twenty percent on clothes. It is important to make the correct first impression, further everything will be estimated already prejudicedly. If you need to draw to yourself special attention – put on brightly, in various color combinations.
Answering itself a question how to manipulate people, you have to remember about uniqueness of each person, and be able to be arranged under each personality in a concrete situation!

In the conversation try not to use words – inserts, for example, "if you wishif you wish" or "I would tell". These inserts give out uncertainty in communication. Use better such words as it is "magnificent", "certainly", "quite so" - they will create very positive spirit of conversation. Show more respect for the interlocutor, such speech to it it will be more pleasant. Besides, the interlocutor will start thinking that the decision of which you want it to convince are its decisions!

Many researches showed that thirty seconds are time for which the person is capable to pay as much as possible the attention on a certain object. On the expiration of thirty seconds – the person involuntarily switches the attention and distracts on other object. Therefore it is very important to manage to interest and intrigue at the first contact the interlocutor with both the speech, and appearance. Everything is best of all to manage to tell in this short time to the person that it is necessary to achieve, convince from it him and to cause the most important in it interest in it!

Remember that everything depends on you and you should not count on circumstances. Be attentive to the interlocutor, manage to accompany him at the right time – and his attention will be entirely riveted on you! The trick is farther – methodically to impose it the thought and to convince it of correctness of this thought.
We wish you to be convincing and to achieve goals!