How to issue an extract of children from the apartment

How to issue an extract of children from the apartment

In life quite often there are situations when parents need to issue the child's extract from the apartment. It can be divorce of mother and father, moving to other city or purchase of new housing. Anyway by consideration of a question of the child's extract from the apartment the leading role belongs to a place of its actual accommodation.

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If your child lives with you though it is registered at the second parent, or on the contrary, according to the Civil code the residence of the minors who did not reach fourteen years is considered a residence of their parents, trustees or adoptive parents, i.e. lawful trustees. In other words, if your child lives with one of parents, it can be written out from municipal housing of the second parent on the basis of data on the actual accommodation.

Other situation arises when business concerns the privatized housing and the child who is the member of the family of one of parents is registered in it. In this case he, according to the legislation, has the right to use premises also, as well as his owner if other is not established by the agreement concluded between the owner and members of his family. In a similar situation of the child it is possible to write out only by a court decision.

If your child has a share in the apartment where he is registered, at an extract there can be great difficulties. Purchase and sale of the apartment and other manipulations with exchange of housing and the property right to it can entail deterioration of living conditions of the child, so, violation of its rights. It will be very difficult to write out the minor from the bigger apartment in the smaller. In similar cases quite often there are situations when agencies of guardianship and guardianship demand to stop the transaction connected with purchase and sale of housing.

If with the owner of the apartment where the child is registered, the family relations, in this case a right of use are stopped by it does not remain if other was not established the agreement with the owner. But it is frequent by hearing of cases about an extract of children from housing, court, considering many circumstances, keeps the right of minors for use of the apartment on some term or in general refuses their eviction.