How to make a gift box most

How to make a gift box most

Each gift which needs to be handed to the addressee in a festive atmosphere, surely demands the corresponding beautiful registration. But sometimes it happens so that various gift packings or do not approach on a style, or are more expensive, than a gift. In that case it is quite possible to make a gift box most.

It is required to you

Usual box of the corresponding size, beautiful brown paper, decorative bows and tapes from a foil or fabric, the stapler or glue, scissors

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Take a box of the suitable size. It can be any box, even if from under footwear. Uncover with it.


Take a brown paper. Put it on a table seamy side up. Put an open box in the middle of a leaf of a brown paper.


Lift one party of a wrapping leaf and bend about edge of a wall of a box. Make a vertical cut of the rest of paper on corners to edge of a box. Execute similar manipulations on three other parties.


Straighten free edges, wrap them in a box. It is necessary that edges came on a box bottom. Fix them by means of glue or the stapler there.


Paste over a box bottom from within color or the same bright brown paper to hide edges of wrapped up walls. Do similar manipulations with a cover from a box.


Take a bow from a gift tape. Paste it on a box cover.


Further at desire it is possible to decorate box walls with various hearts, spangles, freakish and original drawings. Everything depends on the imagination of the person who makes out a box.


In order that registration looked more original, over walls it is possible to pass couple of tapes. They can be both fabric, and paper or made of a strong foil. In this case it is also best of all to hide their ends under an internal square of a bottom. Then it is best of all to glue a decorative bow on them that it looked organically. Otherwise the bow will look inappropriate. So that to make a gift box most, a little patience and imaginations will be required. And here the box is ready. It was necessary to put a gift there, to tie up a beautiful ribbon and to present to the addressee!