How to increase the muscle bulk of a body

How to increase the muscle bulk of a body

Bodybuilding is now quite popular sport around the world. Some beginning body builders often face a problem of a set of muscle bulk as have no sufficient experience of trainings. Others, on the contrary, having a certain experience, hard and slowly gain the muscle bulk of a body, owing to the genetic data. There is quite effective method of fast increase in all groups of muscles which will approach both that, and another.

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The muscle bulk of a human body depends on only two factors: regular trainings and healthy nutrition. First, pass to 6 single food. For this purpose simply break the habitual day diet into six small meals. Try to eat each two hours, and after training surely drink protein cocktail. Try not to use heavy food, eating exclusively qualitative products: fish, chicken meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit.


Happens so that at the initial stage it is heavy to person to pass to 6 single food therefore can replace the next meal of portion of a qualitative protein. In addition you can use something nutritious: pack of cottage cheese or yogurt. Gradually you will be able to pass to normal food which will well affect growth of muscle bulk.


Keep in mind that six times food assumes gradual accustoming of an organism to such diet. If you were going to be engaged in a hardening, however earlier never it did, it is necessary to begin with warm water, gradually reducing its temperature, will not reach "ice" temperature yet. By the same principle it is necessary to pass and to six times food. If earlier you ate 3 times a day, the first week try to increase meal to 4-5 times. As soon as get used, pass to 6 single food, replacing sometimes a portion with protein cocktail.


The regularity of trainings also has important value. Try not to skip classes during this period. If you eat strenuously, missing thus trainings, will very quickly gain surplus of fat. After all you want not it? Besides, during this period it is recommended to increase loadings as the organism needs to get rid of excess fats and carbohydrates. The more you use carbohydrates, the bigger amount of energy needs to be used on occupations effectively to increase the muscle bulk of a body.


In 3-4 weeks when your organism gets used to such diet, try to use a protein not instead of one-two meals, and in breaks between them. Thereby you will increase amount of the consumed protein, so necessary for increase in muscle bulk. Along with it, gradually increase quantity of the consumed calories in the diet. Only do not go too far. After feel that this method started giving effect, it is worth stopping. In everything it is necessary to observe a reasonable measure.