How to put the nervous system in order

How to put the nervous system in order

In the spring and in the fall the nervous system is exhausted. There can be a depression, irritability, excessive tearfulness, and then to them the fatigue, dizziness and headaches increase. All this occurs because of a mad rhythm of the city and a nervous tension. How to prevent impact of these factors on nervous system how to win against already arisen stress.

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There comes the fall, and you come to work. There you often should communicate with the chief who directly says everything that thinks of you, and on the street you meet the neigbour who filled in you yesterday. Naturally, home you come in the spoiled mood, the head starts hurting you, there are first symptoms of a nerve strain.

What represents a nerve strain? How to fight against it? In a different way psychologists call a nervous tension "a burning out syndrome" at which the person has the strongest stress for an organism, psychological discomfort in this connection there are such nervous breakdowns as a depression, irritability and anger. Loss of the loved one, quarrel with the friend, other events capable to bring the person out of a track can be the cause of such discomfort. Because of constant stresses the accompanying diseases therefore it is important to strengthen nervous system develop.


The condition of nervous system in many respects depends on ourselves and on with whom we communicate. First, do not take very much to heart that speak to you. Always have the opinion. Let's say your fellow worker hinted you that you suddenly grew old and began to look bad. Do not worry because of these words, be sure that she simply envies you therefore expresses such opinion. As soon as you have a self-confidence, you will cease to be nervous and have a depression. Secondly, try not to communicate with negatively adjusted people. If it nevertheless does not work well, at least limit contact with them and do not pay attention to their words. At emergence convince yourself of life of "a black strip" in advance that it will pass. Does not happen so that in life all was bad. Learn to distract from problems: play sports, read more fascinating books, spend time in nature, and also start traveling.


At any nervous exhaustion it is important to observe a diet, messages quiet, but in too time active lifestyle. Food has to include all necessary microcells, vitamins and proteins. At the time of a stress it is necessary to use more fruit and chocolate. For the night it is necessary to drink tea with honey and a lemon. It is necessary to use more dairy products, especially hot milk in the morning. If nervous exhaustion strong, for the night it is possible to make a valerian or peppermint decoction. Besides, after a strong stress it is good to take a bath from a train, camomiles or nettles. It is also useful to drink camomile tea.

Your way of life has to be quiet. Do not listen to too loud music, and also do not overtire during the work behind the computer - do breaks. And the most important, do not forget about a dream. It is necessary to sleep not less than 9 hours per day. If there is an opportunity to have a rest in the afternoon, use it: the day dream is useful to all without exception. In addition, walk more and have a rest, and you will have strong nerves.