How to clean return

How to clean return

In order that there was no return (slipping of a ski back at a push), correctly picked up skis, greasing (for "continence") and ability to use them are necessary. It is required to clean return only at movement by the classical course.

It is required to you

- a table for processing of skis
- ski ointments for a continence
- soil ointment
- metal cycle
- fiberglass scraper
- kapron brush
- stopper
- kapron fabric
- the iron for skis

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Choose skis on length and rigidity. Length has to make own growth plus of 20 cm, a sock for "classics" the sharp. Then put them on an equal, firm surface, get up at the same time on both skis and ask the assistant to get under them an album sheet of paper. Distance where paper freely moves, called "block". At transfer of body weight on one ski paper has to nestle well. Average length of a block has to make about 50 cm.

Fix a ski on a table in the special machine or it is accurate in a vice. Take a metal cycle and remove (it is desirable one movement from a ski tip to a heel) all roughnesses of the sliding surface. Apply soil greasing, pound whetstone from a stopper, and remove surplus a plastic scraper. Clean a brush and, having hardly wrapped up kapron fabric (the piece from old stockings well will approach), whetstone from a stopper, polish to "mirror" gloss.

Put under a layer of the "holding" ointment on a block soil, then it will keep more long. Pick up ointment from return for weather conditions. Weather conditions of application are written on packings. The ointment temperature range is less, the it is more universal (concerning humidity and structure of snow). Conform to the general rule: "The snow is older, the more warmly it is necessary to choose ointment" reasonably, differently greasing simply will freeze and will roll instead of cleaning return.

Apply ointment evenly on all length of a block. The special iron warm the applied ointment and level it. Carefully pound pith whetstone, without forgetting about the directing flute, and once again polish with kapron on a stopper. That it is even more reliable to clean return, increase block length forward (towards a ski tip).