How to entertain the child

How to entertain the child

Game is that children love above all. Absolutely kids learn the world mainly through games. It means that all developing enterprises for children have to move in a game form.

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In the summer the child himself can find to himself suitable occupation. Besides, is more senior than the child it is possible to send to a recreation camp, he will not miss there. And here younger it is necessary to take with itself on the nature. In the wood there are a lot of "tools" for children's creativity: cones, acorns, branches and other. The gathered leaves can be dried, and the child himself will put leaflets in the book. Sticks, cones, acorns it is possible to put in a dry place till fall.


There will come the fall – get books, with forgotten was leaflets, and a box with forest "riches". It is possible not only to dry leaflets for a herbarium, it is possible to do the most beautiful pictures of them. And it is possible to make figures of animals, people of all the rest and everything, on what the imagination will be enough. And plasticine will help to fasten "spare parts". These useful occupations not only carry away the child, but also develop a small motility of his hands. And it is useful for a brain and an organism in general.


Do not forget about children, carrying out household chores. They only also wait when mothers or fathers call them to help about the house. The child will be in the public eye and will have a good time wonderfully well and will help.


That days off did not become simple sitting of the house, get out more often amusement parks for all family, at cinema or in theaters – and to children it will be interesting, and acquaint them gradually with culture. And in amusement parks there is a set of various cafes with the game room. Parents will be able to have dinner (to have supper) in a quiet situation, and children will play among themselves under supervision of tutors and animators.