How to insert a videoplayer on the site

How to insert a videoplayer on the site

If you want to add video on the site to attract more users, to lay out favourite rollers, to present goods from a favorable side, use one of the most widespread ways.

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Address to the YouTube or RuTube service. Be registered on the site then you will have the channel on which you will be able to download or place video. After registration follow the link "Add Video" (it is located in the right top corner). Enter its name, the description, keywords into the menu of addition of the file. Choose category for the file. After the roller is loaded, keep it and pass to the menu of viewing. Find the Insert tab in the bottom of a player and receive a roller html-code. Copy it and establish on the site on the chosen site.

Establish video by means of plug-ins which are in any CMS. For example, if your site is created in WordPress, it will be Video Embedder plug-in. Download it, establish and activate. After that to add video, come on video service where the roller is placed, and copy the ID file. So if you addressed to YouTube, in an address line you will see something a code (after ryv). Copy it, since ryv. It will also be an identification code of a roller. Insert it on the site. For this purpose pass into regime of the html-editor and add in the right place: ryv-3s18zy0 [youtube] [/youtube]. Besides YouTube the plug-in of Video Embedder allows to add video and from other sources (for example, with RuTube or

Download and establish one of the videoplayers most popular around the world, such as JW Player. Unpack archive and take a code with index.html. Specify object for a player in the first line of a code and set its parameters (a way to faylu.swf a player, its width and height). Enter in the second: so.addParam ('allowfullscreen', 'true');. So you will designate that viewing of video can be carried out in the full-screen mode. Pay attention to the fifth line where it will be necessary to specify exact URL of a roller, a name of provider (for example, the same YouTube), a way to the xml-file of a skin of a player (if it is set). Specify in the sixth line: so.write ('preview');. Enter in this line and an ID element in which you want to place a player. Connect the swfobject.js file and check how video is displayed.