How to recode DVD

How to recode DVD

Modern computer technologies allow to recode a DVD format, having kept thus its initial quality at the high level, but considerably having reduced the size of video files. Also in the course of coding of DVD it is possible to clean unnecessary data, for example, to remove subtitlings or unnecessary languages. Thanks to it it is possible to write down more movies on one disk or to save a place on the hard drive of the computer.

It is required to you

- Computer;
- AutoGordianKnot program.

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For code conversion you will need the AutoGordianKnot program. Find it in the Internet, download and install on the computer. Start the program.

Press according to the image of the folder near the line Input file. Then specify a way to the folder where DVD video files (Video TS) are kept. In it there have to be some files with the Ifo expansion which contain DVD video. As a rule, in one such file there can be some movies. All Ifo-files are numbered. Respectively, it is necessary to transform them on sequence. Therefore, the first should choose the VTS 01.Ifo file. After that it will be added to the menu of the program.

After a choice of the file there will be a pretty window. In it select the first item (if them there a little). Further the window in which there will be a list of languages of sound tracks will emerge. Opposite to those languages which are not necessary to you, clean tags. In the course of code conversion these sound tracks will be removed.

Then find in a window of the program the line Predefined size near which there is a strelochka. Press on this strelochka. There will be a list of formats in which you can recode DVD video. Choose a format necessary to you.

Further click the image of the folder near the line Output file. In a window of the review choose the folder in which the video file after code conversion will be kept. In the menu of the program choose Advanced Settings. There will be a window where you can set parameters of a sound and some other. Here everything depends on your requirements. Very good sound will be at an AC/DTS format choice.

After a choice of all parameters press Start. Wait for completion of operation of code conversion. This process can be quite long. Its speed in many respects depends on the power of your computer. The recoded video file will be kept in the folder chosen by you.