How to dry mushrooms and berries in house conditions

How to dry mushrooms and berries in house conditions

For preparation for winter of mushrooms and berries it is possible to use a drying method. In such a way process, as a rule, tubular mushrooms: white, aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms. From berries - raspberry, wild strawberry, blackberry and cherry which dry in an oven or on the sun.

It is required to you

- threads;
- wooden lattice;
- dense paper;
- gauze.

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Touch the crop intended for drying. It is better to select mushrooms young, without wormholes and other damages. Remove from them needles and the earth. The berries intended for processing have to be ripe, without traces of wreckers and decayed. It is better to take raspberry and wild strawberry forest as these berries differ from garden versions in stronger aroma and the smaller content of water. It is not recommended to wash raw materials before drying, as a rule.

Cut mushrooms on plates no more than one and a half centimeters thick. Authors of a row of the old managements advise to cut off legs at the hat and to cut them on plates, and to dry hats entirely. Uncut it is possible to start up in processing young boletuses not higher than five centimeters. From cherry take out stones, dry other berries entirely.

If there is a sunny weather, string mushrooms on a severe thread and hang up in well lit place. Scatter berries a thin layer on a baking sheet or the sheet of plywood, having covered it a white paper. Place berries on the sun, having covered with a gauze from insects. The same fabric can be used and for protection of the drying mushrooms.

Mix berries each four hours. Process of drying will be accelerated if under paper to put a pile of newspapers which will absorb moisture. Change this layer at each stirring. For the night carry away mushrooms and berries to the house to save them from dew.

Drying duration depends on weather in the open air. Ready mushrooms have to break easily, slightly bend, but not crumble. Correctly dried up berries should not stick together at compression.

If weather is not suitable for drying on the sun, it is possible to find a way out by means of an oven. Scatter the cut mushrooms on a wooden lattice and put it on a baking sheet. For drying of berries instead of a lattice take dense paper.

Warm an oven up to the temperature of fifty degrees and place in it mushrooms, having left a door slightly opened. Three hours later take out a baking sheet and allow mushrooms to cool down. Mix the berries put in an oven with such temperature each two hours.

Finally dry the cooled-down mushrooms at a temperature of seventy degrees. The oven door thus has to remain open.

Spread out the dried berries and mushrooms on fabric sacks and keep them in the dry cool room. Can store preparations in densely closed glass jars, having put them in a dry case.