How to expand sales markets

How to expand sales markets

The majority of branches of business is occupied by the conventional leading companies which took in hand the corresponding part of the market. The list of such companies includes the General Motors company on production of cars, IBM (computers), McDonald's (public catering), Xerox (photocopying equipment), Gillette (shaving edges). The leader of the market has to think all the time how to expand sales markets how to find new consumers and how to increase the frequency of use of the goods.

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New users
Main goal of any company is attraction of a new segment of users which does not possess information on new goods, on its characteristics, quality at all and does not want it to buy at all. For example, the Johnson&Johnson company made great progress in formation of a new class of users of children's shampoo. At first their shampoo was directed only on children's category but after the percent of birth rate started falling, the company started sustaining losses. Marketing specialists noticed that also adults therefore the decision of development of the advertizing focused on the adult consumer was made use often such shampoo. Thus, children's Johnson&Johnson shampoo became the main brand in the market among shampoos.


New opportunities of use of a product
Excellent way out when it is required to expand sales markets, the increase in ways of use of the same product as it was made by the Du Point company on production of nylon is. At first it was used for production of women's stockings, parachutes, and began to be used for ladies' blouses, men's shirts, an upholstery of carpets and automobile tires later.

Often consumers found new opportunities of use of a product, for example vaseline cream, at first was used only for greasing of mechanisms, and then started being used as a styling spray and as skin cream.


Increase in frequency of use of a product
The third rule of expansion of sales markets is ensuring growth of use of a product, for example, if the company on production of corn flakes advertizes them not only as I peep for breakfast, and and for lunch and a dinner, their sales will instantly increase. For example, the Procter&Gamble company convinced buyers that efficiency of shampoo will increase if to apply it in double increase for once.