How to arrive on a correspondence department

How to arrive on a correspondence department

On a correspondence department, as a rule, arrive in two cases: when career only just went uphill, and there is no opportunity to leave work, or in that case when the person is at top, but wants to subdue one more.

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On a correspondence department it is possible to get as well as the first higher education, and the subsequent. Cases when students are in parallel trained on day and correspondence offices are widespread and for one period receive two different specialties.

The first, what you need to make before revenues to a correspondence department, to solve, why for you it is necessary? If you want to get only an education, perhaps, you should think of a full-time department. But if correspondence course is connected with vital need or impossibility to leave work - it is created for you.


Competition on a correspondence department is much lower, than on day or evening therefore it will be simple to arrive.

It is much more difficult to decide on specialization - it has to be such that you were able to understand without teacher a subject and to write examinations. Of course, nobody cancels adjusting lectures before examinations, but for understanding of that you do, them will be obvious a little.


You made a choice and weighed all pros and cons. Now it is possible to go to a selection committee.

It will be necessary for revenues to a correspondence department for you: six photos, the reference 086/at, the certificate about secondary education, the diploma about secondary professional or higher education (if is), the statement and are a little good luck.