How to cook quail eggs

How to cook quail eggs
How to cook quail eggs

Quail eggs contain a large amount of vitamins, microcells and irreplaceable amino acids. They are ideally suited for dietary food of children and are adult and to taste is much more tasty than some eggs of other birds. Their weight does not exceed 10-12 g, the shell is painted by brown specks. To cook quail eggs quite simply.

The preparation time of 22 minutes is required to you Quail eggs; Pan; Salt; Water. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Cook Quail Eggs" Why is forbidden import of a bird from Mexico How to cook hard boiled eggs How to prepare caviar from a sazan



Pour cold water in a pan, add a small amount of salt and put on fire.


When water begins to boil, put in it quail eggs and cook on moderate fire. Train them soft-boiled within two minutes. And in abrupt it is necessary to cook them five minutes.


Lower ready quail eggs in cold water and start cleaning. Bon appetit!