How to clean a frame round the picture

How to clean a frame round the picture

Images are, as a rule, not multilayered formats, except for, perhaps, various files projects, for example, with the psd expansion. Therefore in such cases as elimination of a frame round the image, it is necessary to work from the return: to cut out the picture from this frame.

It is required to you

- the Russified Adobe Photoshop CS5 version

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Open the necessary picture in Adobe Photoshop: press Ctrl+O hotkeys, choose the file and click the Open button.


Choose the Rectangular Area tool. It is possible to make it in two ways. The first – at a toolbar find an icon of a square, a rectangle or an oval which borders are outlined by a dashed line, click it with the right button of a mouse and choose "Rectangular area". – click the second a hotkey of M or if the adjacent tool is at the moment activated, in addition click Shift+M to switch.


Clamp the left button of a mouse in the left top corner of the cut-out image, pull it in right a bottom corner and release. Thanks to your actions there will be a rectangular frame which borders will have effect of "the walking ants" is an area of allocation. Similar cutting by something is similar to that barbarous method by which the picture in the Soviet detective "Return "of Saint Luka was stolen". You get from a frame not all picture, but only an equal rectangular site in the middle.


To create the new document, press hotkeys of Ctrl+N and, experimenting values in the fields "Width" and "Height", adjust the size of this document to the amount of allocation which you made in the third step of this instruction.


Choose the Movement tool and draw allocation from the original document on again created, and then level it. Everything, now you have a free picture, let and in a little cut down option (depending on a frame form).


To keep the received result, press point of the menu File> Keep as (or click on Ctrl+Shift+S hotkeys), in the appeared menu define a way for future picture, enter it a name, choose in the field "Type of Files" of Jpeg and click "to Keep".