How to use sesame

How to use sesame

Seeds of sesame are most often used as topping for confectionery and in cookery, as seasoning. Do tasty gozinaki of sesame. Sesame oil possesses a number of advantages and has broad application in cookery, cosmetology and medicine. Such broad application of sesame is connected with the high contents in it useful substances.

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Sesame contains a large amount of calcium and vitamin E. It is considered that 100 grams of a seed of sesame are capable to satisfy daily need of an organism for calcium. It is especially important to use sesame during pregnancy and a lactation as during this period the need for calcium increases. The use of sesame is useful for prevention of osteoporosis as it contains zinc and phosphorus.


To bring toxins out of an organism, eat on an empty stomach a tablespoon of the processed seeds of sesame and wash down with water. Seeds of sesame can be processed in the coffee grinder.


Use sesame seeds for a posypaniye of rolls, bread, flat cakes and other pastries.


Sesame can be used as a boning for fish or meat. For this purpose fill sesame seeds in a saucer. Dip the prepared fish or meat for frying into the shaken-up egg, and then roll in in sesame. Lay out in the heated oil and fry to full readiness from two parties.


Prepare useful salad from sesame. Wash out spinach leaves, cut them small strips. Add sesame seeds, a pinch of a saffron and water salad with olive oil with a lemon.


Sesame oil has broad application in medicine, in cosmetology and dietology. It is applied at treatment of various diseases, to normalization of exchange processes in an organism, is a part of creams for massage, balms for hair. Oil is considered a strong antioxidant and is applied to fight of an organism against cancer cells. Sesame is applied at blood diseases as increases quantity of platelets.


For prevention of caries and an inflammation of gums it is useful to rinse a mouth sesame oil within 3 minutes.


If you are tormented by diarrhea, prepare drink with sesame. In a glass of warm water dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey and add 2 teaspoons of the crushed sesame seeds. Drink in the small portions to simplification of a state.