How to put the electric meter

How to put the electric meter

Replacement of the electric meter is not such the difficult task demanding intervention of the expert. It is better to entrust, of course, this process to the electrician, but situations happen different. And here the moment when it is necessary to replace the counter comes.

It is required to you

counter, screw-driver krestovy, screw-driver flat, passatizh

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Procedure of replacement requires the counter, a screw-driver krestovy, a screw-driver flat, passatizh. It is necessary to remember that the tool has to be obligatory for the isolated.
Before replacement of the counter learn: what quantity of phases comes to the metering device. Them there can be three or one. When decided on quantity of phases, it is necessary to get the similar counter.


It is possible to start directly replacement. On new conditions, the machine gun has to face the counter introduction. This machine gun connects an external power line and a household electrical wiring. It needs to be disconnected. The counter thus will stop. For fidelity it is possible to include any lamp near a workplace. It should not burn.


We uncover the counter, having turned off two small bolts. Under a cover of the counter the klemnik which some wires enter will be visible. These wires are turned off by a usual screw-driver – either krestovy, or flat. Passatizhami pulls out wires from the nests in a klemnik of the counter. Only it is necessary to do it accurately not to mix a wire in places. It is best of all to paste on everyone conductings a piece of paper with figure of sequence of a wire.


After wires there is a dismantle of the counter. It fastens in two ways: or on a dinreyka, or three screws on the special tire. If for fastening of the counter the dinreyka was used, by a flat screw-driver is pulled out two clamps which are in the lower part of the device, we remove it from a dinreyka and we put other counter. If the device on the special tire, the top screw is turned off at first, and then two extreme and we interchange the position of old and new counters.


Further, passatizham are inserted accurately wires on the places in a klemnik and tightened by screws. Usually in a klemnik in each nest on two screws. At a wire inhaling at first it is necessary to pull an external screw, and after – internal. Then correctness of installation of wires is checked and the klemnik is closed by a counter cover.