How to prepare cheesecakes with potatoes?

How to prepare cheesecakes with potatoes?
The minimum set of products for this dish will be in each house. Cottage cheese and potatoes in equal proportions is required. No sweet additives because of which cheesecakes aim to stick to a frying pan, and the frying pan too will exist. They are concerned in an oven.

Necessary products

300 grams of cottage cheese (or sheep cheese)
4 – 5 average potatoes
It is a little flour (approximately a tablespoon)
Salt and spices to taste
Fennel greens (at will)
The quantity of a flour is specified approximately, depends on potatoes. If it watery, torments can be necessary slightly more.


To boil potatoes. It is better to boil it on couple and in a uniform – so it will gather less moisture. To cool, clear and knead in mashed potatoes. Try to knead so that there were no lumps. Cottage cheese too needs to be kneaded a fork if take sheep cheese, to rub on a small grater.

To mix potatoes with cottage cheese, to add egg, salt, spices, a flour and it is good to vent that weight became almost uniform. It is desirable to send the kneaded dough to half an hour to the refrigerator, then will easier undress cheesecakes.

To oil a baking sheet vegetable or to lay it paper for pastries. Wet hands to create cheesecakes from dough, to lay out on a baking sheet. To bake at a temperature of 180 degrees about 30 minutes.