How to water a chrysanthemum

How to water a chrysanthemum

Well thought over watering is very important for chrysanthemum life. If it created the necessary conditions and necessary humidity of the soil is provided, during all vegetative period and the period of a butonization, it will quickly grow, form leaves and long to blossom.

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Consider that each grade demands the different volume of water when watering. For example, those chrysanthemums at which leaves large and soft, moisture evaporate much more, than grades with rigid and small leaves. Therefore the last need to be watered less often and less plentifully, than the first.

Limit watering when your chrysanthemum started blossoming. More often leave the soil dry to prolong the blossoming period. When there comes the period of a butonization and growth of leaves stops, plants become less exacting to moisture availability.

Precisely to define a regularity and volume of watering, consider the air temperature, the direction and wind force, an amount of precipitation. An important factor is also the structure of the soil, its physical properties and a place of landing. Besides, in this regard chrysanthemums - rather sensitive plants. On the one hand, plentiful watering, and on the other hand is very important for good development by it, they do not transfer stagnation of water in the soil.

Find such place where moisture from snow thawing does not stand in the spring for landing of a chrysanthemum. Very often it happens so what exactly for this reason the plant perishes, and gardeners think that it simply froze in the winter. To all fault - a vymokaniye of its roots which are not transferring excessive moisture. The plant site in many respects defines requirements to its further watering.

Execute a soil drainage on the picked-up place for landing if there is no bias natural in the fall. When such opportunity is not present, before steady approach of frosts dig out a chrysanthemum together with a big lump of the earth. Then wrap up a lump several layers of newspapers or a brown paper. On a dry place dig out a hole about 40 cm in depth, place in it a bush, powder with the earth and slightly condense. At distance in 1 m dig out a small ditch on which thawed snow will flow down in the spring and will save your chrysanthemum from death.