How to bake eggs with chicken and vegetables in pots?

How to bake eggs with chicken and vegetables in pots?
If it is necessary to make a nourishing and useful breakfast, use this recipe. In it it is possible to attach the remains of boiled chicken or to roast chicken fillet. Select vegetables for taste or make as it is offered in the recipe.

That is required for preparation

One chicken fillet
Small vegetable marrow
One stalk of a celery
Two tomatoes
Garlic segment
Four eggs
Salt and ground pepper to taste


We cut chicken fillet small slices, too we cut a vegetable marrow and a celery small. If at a celery rough streaks come across, they need to be cut off.
We put a frying pan on strong fire, we warm and we pour in a tablespoon of vegetable oil. We spread chicken meat, we fry at continuous stirring meat will not get slightly golden color so far (minutes 2-3).
We shift in a pot for roasting. In the same oil we fry a vegetable marrow and a celery, we fry to softness of vegetables.
We add vegetables to a pot to chicken. From above we put segments tomato, small cut garlic. We salt and pepper to taste, we mix. We pour in each pot on 1-2 eggs, slightly prisalivay. We put in the oven warmed to 200 degrees and we bake so far eggs "will not grab" (on time about half an hour). Bon appetit!