How to choose the site address

How to choose the site address

Before choosing a hosting and to place your resource for general use it is necessary to be engaged in not less important issue — to choose future address of your site or, in other words, a domain name.

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Start a task with understanding of that the name has to be easily memorable and transferring an essence of your activity. Pick up such name which causes the obvious associations connected with subject of your resource. Pay the attention to the simply, names which are not demanding explanations for a resource. Do not use dissonant combinations of symbols, various difficult and senseless designs in the address. The name which easily is reproduced by transfer in any kind, guarantees increase of number of users of your service. Choose such name that it was simple to the person who once heard it to enter the name of a resource in the browser without any additional information on your project.

Try to make so that the name of your service was conformable with a domain name of the second level. Then each new visitor, having read the name of your resource, will remember also its address. Define for the site, with what public it will work: only with Russian or including from the foreign. In the first case you should not choose the address in zones like .org, .com or .biz. It is inexpedient, you will have advantage if as a domain zone choose the zone .ru, most actual for Russia.

Also in case your resource is created only for the Russian visitors, try not to resort to use of foreign words in his name. Exclude from the name of figure and hyphens. It will allow to avoid confusion, users will get on your pages, but not on pages of your colleagues which addresses of resources are similar to yours. Do not forget that the address of your site on the global Internet has to be unique.