What sights are in Berlin?

What sights are in Berlin?
In Berlin the set of the sights attracting tourists is located. The capital of Germany is the highly cultured city, the set the museum, opera theaters, exhibitions is located here.

Let's stop on the most main and most interesting sights of Berlin.

Berlin wall. Today the wall remained as sight of the city. Many tourists come to Berlin to look at a wall.

Brandenburg gate. Are a symbol of Berlin. This triumphal arch is located in the center of Berlin, on Parizhskaya Square. Height of gate makes 26 m, length – 65.5 m, thickness of 11 m. Gate consist 12 Greek Doric columns which were created on an image of gate in Athens.

Berlin zoo. One of the main sights of Berlin. It is considered one of the best zoos in the world, it strikes with the scope and the huge spacious territory. The Berlin zoo is the biggest the world, contains about 23 thousand animals more than 2550 types here, and in aquariums 8 thousand fishes float.

Lock of Sharlottenburg. Represents a refined example of architecture of baroque in Germany. The lock was built at the request of Frederick I's wife. The lock became a beautiful massive construction, its main entrance is decorated with a 48-meter dome topped with a gilded statue of the goddess Fortuna. In the lock there is a porcelain hall with a unique collection of the Chinese porcelain.

Reichstag. Parliament building. The building was open in 1894 and is executed in style of the neorenaissance. The Reichstag is decorated with the huge glass dome created by the English architect sir Norman Foster. It is open for visitors, to a dome it is possible to rise on the elevator, the tremendous view of the city will open from here.

Aleksanderplats. It is one of the best-known areas of Berlin, it unites the past and the present, here three lines of the Berlin subway, the line of trams and high-speed trains in architecture of buildings. Here the Berinsky television tower 368 meters high is located.

Neptune's fountain. The most beautiful fountain in Berlin.

Saint Nicholas's church. It is a surprising corner of the real Middle Ages, the church is restored by skillful restorers and architects from ruins.

Saint Maria's church. The church from a red brick is one more sight of Berlin. Here the unique fresco of 1475 under the name "Dancing of Death" remained, is devoted to plague during the Middle Ages era

In Berlin the set of the museums is located. The most known - the Museum Pergamon (the reconstructed monumental constructions full-scale here are presented), the Museum Deutsche Guggenheim (it is devoted to the modern art), the Jewish Museum of Berlin (it is devoted to Judaism and life of Jews), the Egyptian museum, Art gallery, Old national gallery (it is known for a collection of the German and French impressionists of the XIX century).