How to receive payment for an insurance

How to receive payment for an insurance

Insurance compensation – the child generated by modern megalopolises. After all there is no such number of incidents, as in the multimillion city anywhere. Insurance – business favorable, but unpleasant. But if you already got to a situation in which you apply for payment of insurance money, it will be useful for you to know how this money can be received.

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Very first that you need to make, it to write the application. It is necessary to make it within thirty days, but the different companies can have different terms therefore it will be better if you undertake this business at once.


Having written the application in insurance company upon the incident, remember registration number of your statement. In case of a delay or loss of the document it will help you.


If you are far, contact the representative of the company and listen to his recommendations. Remember a name of the person with which you spoke, date and time of consultation.


It is necessary to consider that it is required to attach all documents which will testify to your incident to the statement. Here it is important to present all papers which will demand from you soon to the company. The list of documents depends on what your insured event.


If it is an insurance due to illness, a trauma, a deadly disease, you have to submit the original of the sick-list or the reference from medical institution, or an extract from a medical record.


If it is about road accident that meets in insurance practice most more often, you need to collect much bigger number of documents.
First, right after incident of road accident cause traffic police. After incident you will need to take the copy of the protocol on administrative violation concerning you, survey about a state of intoxication, the driver's license. There are cases that insurance companies suggest to repair your car instead of monetary compensation, or send it to the dealer center.


Separate history with cases in which on the car the icicle or a tree falls. In case it is connected with natural cataclysms, for submission of documents you need to receive the reference from Rosgidrometeotsentr of the occurred atmospheric phenomenon and consequences on a place of insured event.


Life insurance happens not only at a fatal case but also in case the damage, or in case of the conclusion of the accumulative contract with payment of insurance money for achievement of a certain age is caused to health.


Payment of insurance compensation requires term from 5 to 15 days. The delay can be in case insurance agents had doubts concerning reliability of documents or if criminal case is brought and investigation is conducted. After passing of all considerations by the commission, the decision is phoned to the client or by mail. Money can be received as on the bank account, and cash, each organization solves in own way.


If did not pay you compensation or paid, but in the smaller sum, than made a reservation in the beginning, you can make a pre-judicial claim, and then file a lawsuit the statement of claim.


Not to face that you for nothing will spend money for a legal investigation, it is desirable to consult with the expert, whether further consideration is necessary for you.