That is necessary for recording studio

That is necessary for recording studio

You decided to open own sound recording studio? It is possible to make it and at home, but then quality of the created material will be not the best. Therefore for commercial purposes it is necessary to rent or build the room which will be ideally suited under specifics of a task.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "That Is Necessary for Recording Studio" How to untwist the song How to open photo business How to create web studio If you did not work in this sphere, invite the designer of studios who already has a certain experience. It will be able to help you both with a room choice, and with the subsequent design. The place in which the studio will settle down, should not be in noisy part of the city. It is better to choose the dormitory area, the suburb, or even the nearby village.

It is desirable that the building was brick. You should not have rooms on high floors. Minuses are that there will be additional costs of sound insulation and grounding. The first floor or the semibasement room — the best decision.

The following step — good grounding and a supply of electricity. It is desirable to replace electric wiring in the old room completely. It will secure you against short circuits and unforeseen breakdowns which can lead to serious damage of the expensive equipment, a stop of work of studio and unforeseen repair.

The room has to be well soundproofed, without strong acoustics inside. To isolate studio, on a floor lay carpets, walls upholster with a carpet, a stopper or foam rubber. But you should not forget and about an esthetics. Remember that musicians have to feel in studio rather comfortably therefore appearance is important.

Then — purchase of the necessary equipment. To let out a qualitative product, it is better not to save on the equipment. It is required to you: the mixer console or the mixer panel, some microphones on a rack, the software, the sound card, studio monitors, earphones. If you not the professional, at a choice surely consult to that, differently you risk to acquire not absolutely suitable equipment.

For full work of studio the following personnel is necessary: sound producer, sound technician, arranger. The sound technician works on mix and controls sound level. The arranger is necessary to pick up a melody rhythm, its timbre, it is possible even to change the main sounding. The sound producer is engaged in that carries out trial records. Its duties - control of a sound recording and installation of a sound. As a result of its work the final version of a soundtrack turns out.

And the last, but too the important moment — arrangement of a restroom. Take care of that in the room there was an upholstered furniture, a teapot. Musicians should have no problems if they suddenly want to have a bite, drink coffee or it is simple to have a rest. Organize a comfortable bathroom.

Arrange a small advertizing campaign in the corresponding circles. And your studio in the near future will start making profit.