How to move object on other background

How to move object on other background

It is possible to move object on other background by means of the Photoshop program which means work with raster pictures. Process is quite labor-consuming, it demands a skurpuleznost and accuracy. Negligence when carrying out movement can lead to that the photomontage will be swept up at once.

It is required to you

Adobe Photoshop program, two raster images.

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Open the image from which the object will be taken. In this case - the spaceship. Then cut out object. The Magic wand tool from a toolbar in the "Addition to the Allocated Area" mode is for this purpose used (in the top line of the program). With its help allocate the ship, clicking on the background surrounding it. If a background non-uniform, it is necessary to make more frequent pressing by a mouse. After allocation of object it will be led round by a "live" dashed line. But it will be allocated not only the spaceship, but also images on perimeter.


In order that allocation concerned only object, an inventiruyta the image by pressing of the "hot" Shift+Ctrl+I keys. As a result the dotted line will be only round the ship. At this stage the objectives - allocation of object are achieved.

Will right-click in allocation for establishment of exact borders. After pressing of the button there will be a menu in which it is necessary to choose the Let's Specify Edge function. This function has the parameters regulated by removing of the corresponding romper suit. "Radius" specifies edge of the allocated area, "Contrast" is necessary for regulation of contrast of edge of the allocated area. The Smooth slider helps to smooth rough edges, and "Shading" - to make softer and natural. "Compression/expansion" is responsible for the sizes of the allocated area. In a window of the Let's Specify Edge function put all these parameters on zero. Thus the ship will be allocated very precisely.


Then open the image on which the object will be moved, and a mouse drag the ship there. Having established it in the right place, slightly shade edges of the cut-out picture and adjust brightness/contrast. It is necessary in order that the photomontage was qualitative. After the ship "is set", execute data of layers and keep the new image.