How to download the training program for occupations by music

How to download the training program for occupations by music

To learn to play musical instruments more conveniently in the presence of the computer with the training program. There are free applications for training in playing a piano and a guitar, and also exercise machines of perception of notes aurally.

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For training in playing a piano use the JDMCO SimplePiano program. It displays the keyboard of a musical instrument on which those from keys which it is necessary to press at present are automatically highlighted on the screen. It is possible to press them a mouse or by means of the computer keyboard, but such mode is suitable for entertainment, but not training more. Much more conveniently, looking at the screen, to play according to helps the real piano or the MIDI keyboard connected to the computer. The appendix also includes the modes of training in chords and reading casual notes. It is intended for Windows, but can be started and in Linux in the presence of the Wine emulator.

The TuxGuitar program intended for training in playing a guitar is cross-platform. It works both in Linux, and in Windows, on condition of existence of the Java environment. This appendix displays a guitar signature stamp on the screen, and during training automatically shows, what strings and on what frets need to be clamped. There is also a mode of display of the piano keyboard, as in JDMCO SimplePiano. At desire include the virtual metronome which is built in the program which will allow you to train feeling of a rhythm.

To be able to perceive notes everyone who wishes to learn to select independently heard melodies aurally owes. Will help to develop with itself this skill to you Note shooter fash-application. It works in any OS on condition of existence of the browser and a plug-in of Flash Player. Having heard a sound, bring the treble clef flying up to the Latin letter designating the note corresponding to this sound. It is necessary to work quickly, differently the key will reach the upper edge of the screen. The program automatically counts the correct and wrong answers and if mistakes is too much, the session of training will stop.

Downloading of any of the specified programs is made by a mouse click according to the reference to the executed or adjusting file, having pressed the right button of a mouse, having selected item of the "Keep according to the Reference as" menu, having chosen the folder and having pressed Ok. Link to the executed JDMCO SimplePiano application file is located on the first of the sites provided below in the paragraph at number 3 and Donwload is called. The executed file of this setup does not demand. To download the TuxGuitar application, pass to the second of the sites provided below, choose the section Download, and in it - the adjusting file suitable for your OS. In the absence of Java swing the version of the program compiled by means of Excelsior JET. In Windows start the adjusting file and follow helps of the fitter, and in Linux use the manager of packages, for example, of dpkg or rpm.

The Note shooter program after transition to the third of the pages provided below in the presence of Flash Player will be started automatically. If you need to use further this appendix by the car which is not connected to the Internet, the SWF file should be downloaded. For this purpose in an address line of the browser replace the html expansion with swf then download the file, having used point of the menu of the File browser - "To keep as". Now transfer the file to the computer which is not connected to the Internet, start on it the browser, and then enter into an address line a direct way in the SWF file.