How to make a stomach

How to make a stomach

Exercises for development of muscles of a stomach a set. Choose among them such which will be optimum for you, giving load of a stomach.

It is required to you


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Make warm-up on all groups of muscles.


Exercise "Bicycle" is the most effective exercise for development of muscles of a press. All muscles of this group are involved in it. The main loading falls on forward muscles of a stomach.

It is necessary to carry out it, lying on a back on a firm equal surface. Thus get hands for the head. Then draw in knees to a breast, thus do not strain a neck. Shoulders have to concern a floor still. Straighten the right foot, holding it under an inclination in 45 degrees to a floor. At the same time turn the top half of a trunk, trying to touch by the right elbow of the left knee which remains bent.

Then straighten the left foot and pull the top half of a trunk so that to touch by the left elbow of the right knee. Repeat on 15 times for each party.


One more effective exercise - lifting of the case to the crossed feet.

Carry out it lying on a back. Raise the straightened feet up, cross them in air around knees. Lift a verkhnuy half of a trunk, seeking to get a foot breast. Hands arrange as it is convenient to you, it is possible to hold them behind the head, it is possible to extend them along a trunk. Repeat raising of the case in such pose of 15 times.


The exercise giving load of the lower muscles of a press is called as the return twisting.

As well as in the previous exercises a starting position - lying on a back. Put hands on a floor, raise feet over a trunk, or having bent them in knees, or having straightened and having crossed. Watch that hips with the case made a right angle.

Strain muscles of a press and try to raise a basin, pull feet in the direction of a ceiling. Watch to straining a muscle of a back and a neck.