How to fill in the sheet of holidays

How to fill in the sheet of holidays

The vacation schedule is a local statutory act which contains information on sequence of providing holidays to the employees who are registered in the staff of the organization. The personnel personnel can make this document, at its absence – the accountant, and here has to claim only the head of the organization. This act has the unified No. T-7 form.

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At first it is necessary to notice that all organizations, irrespective of the number of employees in staff have to make out the vacation schedule. The main annual vacation is equal to 28 calendar days. It can be increased, for example, during the work on Far North or approximate areas to it.


At first you have to fill form "cap". Specify the name of the organization according to constituent documents here. Then specify serial number of the document, date of its drawing up and year on which the form is formed in the small plate consisting of three columns and two lines.


That on the right is from you, that is lines I "Approve" also "Date", it is not necessary to fill. Leave this place for the head.


The main text of the schedule is presented in the form of the table which consists of ten columns. Specify that structural division in which the employee, for example, a human resources department or management works in the first. In the second column write the position held by the employee (it is better without any reductions). Further enter a surname, a name and a middle name completely. In the fourth column put down organic number of the employee.


In the next column write number of days of holiday. Remember that it can be divided at the request of the worker into parts one of which there should not be less than fourteen days. In the sixth column specify the planned date of holiday, and in following put down the actual, that is this column you will fill within a year in process of departure of employees in holiday.


If holiday was postponed, specify the basis, for example, the statement of the worker and date of the alleged put holiday (consider that the worker has to choose time). Specify any notes in the tenth column.


Sign the vacation schedule at the head of the HR department, then give on the statement to the head of the organization.