How to increase low body temperature

How to increase low body temperature

Normal temperature of a human body makes 36,6 degrees with some fluctuations, individual for each person. But temperature drop is in certain cases observed. Such state transfers an organism hard. The person feels weak, oxygen insufficiency develops. For this reason high temperature should be lifted immediately.

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Address to the doctor. There is a set of the factors capable to influence temperature of a human body. For example, the lowered temperature can be result of the postponed earlier infectious disease, decrease in level of hemoglobin, an illness of a brain or endocrine system, and also strong stresses, experiences, fatigue, organism exhaustion. Very often lowered body temperature is observed and at people with hypotonia. The doctor will appoint to you necessary analyses and researches which will help to define the reason of fall of temperature. All medical measures have to be directed on elimination of the reason.

If results of analyses did not show any serious violations in work of an organism, non-drug methods which are directed on immunity strengthening are applied. Regular remedial gymnastics, and also a hardening of an organism and normalization of a way of life concerns to them. The doctor can appoint as well a course of reception of vitamins, especially vitamin E. Besides also methods of physical therapy and a balneoterapiya are used. Will positively affect on health of the patient and sanatorium treatment.

Besides, you have to watch the state. You need to organize the healthy and balanced nutrition, to play sports. Isolate yourself from stresses and reexhaustions as far as it perhaps. Try to get enough sleep.

If constant stresses are the reason of fall of temperature, the doctor will appoint to you demulcents. Try the preparations developed on a vegetable basis. For example, the remarkable toning effect extracts of a ginseng, araliya and eleuterokokk have. They need to be accepted in the morning or before a lunch – they will give you additional energy. And reception sedative, sedatives is before going to bed recommended. The preparations containing extracts of a valerian, a hawthorn, hop or a pustyrnik belong to such drugs.

The simplest and available means of a raising of the lowered body temperature is hot black tea. Drink it, go to bed and be wrapped up with a warm blanket. After a while temperature has to be normalized. It is also possible to do hot bathtubs for feet then to put on warm socks and to lie down under a warm blanket.

If treatment does not help, temperature all the same often falls below a normal indicator, it is necessary to address once again to the doctor and to pass repeated inspections.