How to pick up the size of points

How to pick up the size of points

To return to the sight clearness, to clean tension from eyes, it is necessary to choose glasses correctly. And it is best of all to make it in the oculist's office. Consider that at the wrong selection you not only worsen the sight, but also provoke headaches and even emergence of problems with pressure.

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At first you should pass inspection at the oculist. The professional will make you the diagnosis, will define, what deviations from normal sight at you exist, and will write out the recipe on those points which will most precisely correct your sight.


Depending on what your habits and a kind of activity, the same doctor will advise you lenses, the covering and which filters will suit you most.


By means of computer diagnostics you will pick up lenses and that model of a frame which will suit you esthetically.


The frame has 4 characteristics which need to be considered at a choice.
Bridge width, length of earhooks, width of a-point aperture and width of the frame. The sizes are specified usually on earhook inside. As a rule, it is three figures. The first points to aperture width. Further, after a hyphen or a badge of a square, there are width of the bridge and length of earhooks. You can independently measure your parameters and choose a frame, being guided by them. For this purpose it is enough to you to measure parameters of old points. If you buy glasses the first time, it is better that at a choice you were helped by the professional.


For determination of width of the person, looking in a mirror, bring a ruler. Apply pencils to each ear, they will be initial and final points of measurement. Now choosing a frame, consider that its width should not differ from width of your person more than on 2 – 3 mm. Frame width, as a rule, is not specified by producers. But you can order points on the Internet. And this size is useful to you if you have no opportunity to try on a frame.


The first size on a handle means frame aperture width. It is necessary for the correct selection of lenses. Be guided by it upon purchase of glasses. Consider, in this case fluctuations at the rate to 5 mm are possible.


The second size or width of the bridge designates distance between eyes. You recognize her at visit of the oculist. At selection of a frame consider that tolerances in width of the bridge make no more than 1 mm.


Learn length of earhooks, having measured length of handles of old points. Measure distance from the hinge until the end of handles. Possible difference of 5 mm.


At a choice of a frame pay attention to that handles did not squeeze temporal area. And surely check mobility of nosoupor. They should not be rigid and put pressure upon a nose bridge.