How to talk to the kid

How to talk to the kid

The speech of the adult which is turned to the child, causes pleasure and the maximum attention as is the most considerable sign of in it that the adult enters communication with it.

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With what it is necessary to talk to the child every day from the moment of his birth, all agree. And how not to talk to own son or the daughter if you see as far as it is pleasant to the baby. But only it is not necessary to make gross blunders in communication with the kid, the child simply will not understand if you start talking to it a high-scientific syllable.


Your child since the birth is very sensitive to the speech of parents but that he understood that with it you speak, and got used to the speech, before "conversation" try to capture its attention. It is necessary to begin always with simple words. They are well remembered and constantly occur in your speech.


With growth of the child also his speech and if you thought becomes complicated that your child simply does not have it, you deeply were mistaken. If remember when you tell something to the child, in reply hear his "words". It is valid words, for the kid they are also clear, as for us the native speech. In this sense the task to teach the child to speak is very similar to simple learning of foreign language. Many of the moments of our language are very difficult for the kid, so, for example, to kids the understanding of pronouns very difficult is given. We with ease use them in the daily speech, but for the child told by us "you" not soon will turn into his inner self.