How to connect a beautiful jacket

How to connect a beautiful jacket

Knitted the hands of a thing again come back to fashion. And it is possible to connect things of amazing beauty with expansion of the amateur range. If you are able to knit - you have advantage, after all the jacket made the hands will be ideally suited for you.

It is required to you

Hook or spokes, threads, scissors, magazines on needlework, the Internet, the computer.

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Before knitting a jacket, choose a type of knitting. If you are able to knit both spokes, and a hook, can combine these two abilities, it will only make your future jacket even more unique and individual.

Then choose threads for future thing. Thickness of threads depends on functionality of a jacket. If you knit it for heat, it is best of all to take woolen or mohair threads. However consider that thick wool can be prickly in already ready thing therefore count that under a jacket it is necessary to put on a dense polo-neck or a t-shirt. If the jacket is intended only for beauty, it is possible to knit it from thin threads and openwork patterns.
Openwork best of all turns out if to take a hook or spokes much more thickly, than threads.

Connect a square sample for calculation of loops. Especially it is important when knitting a jacket spokes as this type of knitting is more elastic, than a hook, and you can be mistaken with a jacket size. The sample has to be not less than 10 cm in size. Steam it after a vyvyazyvaniye and count quantity of loops in 10 cm. If it is necessary, by means of this sample you will correct quantity of loops in a jacket detail.

Be defined, according to what description you will knit a jacket. It is possible to choose a jacket from the magazine on needlework. There most often the most detailed descriptions, sequence of steps of knitting are given. Try to follow accurately all step-by-step instructions and then at you everything will turn out. Usually in the beginning the detail matches before, then the back after that sleeves are separately knitted, and then a product is sewed.

If you have no magazines, it is possible to choose model of a jacket and on the Internet, having registered at a specialized amateur forum. Advantage of this way consists that at a forum it is possible to communicate to adherents on knitting, to ask the questions interesting you, and not only about this model, but also in general about needlework. Having chosen model, be verified with quantity of loops in your settlement sample - and start knitting.