How to become the driver of the British queen

How to become the driver of the British queen

Drivers of Great Britain had a unique chance to try to become the personal driver of Queen Elizabeth II. However, for this purpose it is necessary to possess not only a wide experience of driving of the car, but also a set of other qualities.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Become the Driver of the British Queen" Kak to write the characteristic to the driver Kak to receive privileges to a needy family Kak to find the family tree In England it is accepted to arrive as it is dictated by norms and rules. In particular, at staff recruitment for service of bigwigs it is necessary to address to the solid recruitment agencies capable to find the person with high professional qualities and faultless reputation. Commitment of British to traditions is world renowned therefore the message that the queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II herself looks for to herself the driver, was everyone's surprise. Nevertheless, no mistake is present, the queen really published the announcement of search of the driver on the official site of Buckingham Palace, having duplicated it also in electronic mass media.

What qualities the candidate for a position of the driver of Her Majesty has to possess? First of all, it has to operate the car perfectly. Besides, the applicant for a place of the personal driver of the queen has to have appeasable character and a high sense of responsibility, be able to support easy conversation, it is good to get on in collective. The owner of these qualities already has chances to appear at a wheel of the royal car.

To try the luck, it is enough to competitor to send the summary to the address specified in the announcement. But if the applicant for a driver's seat considers that the new position will bring in it the solid income, he deeply is mistaken. In the announcement the exact salary – about 2000 pounds sterling a month that makes a little more than 100 thousand rubles is specified. To measures of England it is rather modest salary which even is not holding out to average over the country.

It should be notedIt should be noted that the driver's duties, besides transportation of royal family and officials of administration of Her Majesty, will include in addition the organization of work of royal garage and maintenance of cars in good repair. Besides, he should look after an electronic mailbox of the queen – that is to sort the coming correspondence. Considering the volume of work and a low salary, number of persons interested to take a place of the royal driver for certain will not be very big.

On the Internet the royal family resorts to search of the service personnel already not for the first time. The gardener and the butler were quite so found, and the announcement in the newspaper helped to pick up the dishwasher.