Features of life in Switzerland

Features of life in Switzerland

"Travel as the greatest and serious science helps us to find itself again"
A. Camus

Experience of communication with new people – invaluable. The more and more often you meet the new friends so not similar to yourself, the life seems more interestingly. And the most important that you bring home – revaluation of life priorities.
Continuing conversation on learning of foreign languages in the countries carriers, there is a wish to acquaint readers with that life which is necessary in the new country.
Trip on training even if short-term, gives much more opportunities, than training in the homeland.
Of course, before a trip you are "taught" how there live foreigners. Actually, life in other countries has the same feelings, emotions, paints – ordinary people ordinary life lead there. And it would be desirable to share the story about this life with readers. Let's begin with the most important:

"If you refuse food, ignore traditions, are afraid of religion and avoid people, it is better for you to stay at home"
James Michener

Visit of guests During the time spent in Switzerland we had friends – the people absolutely different in age, the social status and fields of activity. Also we will begin the story with evening of Friday when the joint dinner was organized. Just like that.
Friendly meetings are held rather often, without expectation of holidays or other special occasions. In general, I noticed, Swisses very often visit. Before a meeting all phoned and discussed the menu. The myth that in Europe everyone pays for himself even on a visit, has no relation to reality. More precisely – it is not correctly treated. Namely: the hostess of the house prepared. It bought products (the venison with chestnuts – pleasure rather expensive was a main course, but all friends know that she trains him excellently). One of the invited suggested to halve expenses as in the afternoon it was occupied and there is no time to help. We assumed a dessert, and one more friend – wine (certainly, for all evening, and all know it as the judge and the expert on cigars and good alcohol). If to take a detached view – everything is quite correct and correct, and not only from the point of view of financial investments.
It is accepted to come in time, not for half an hour till the specified time! Not later! The first option puts Swisses in an uncomfortable position, and the second – irritates. The Russian proverb "The good guest is late" does not fit here into a decency framework a little.
Guests are never invited at once to a table. It is not accepted. At first aperitif – guests gather in a drawing room, drink wine with small snack. The hostess prepared mini-kruasany with spinach, sesame and classical. Talk on the most different subjects – from soccer to a cat who rubs about feet of guests.
Minutes through 40 guests invite to the dining room. Again feature: scenery for a table. Where you were invited – always and everywhere it is very important element – from a dining table to a show-window of shop. Not only napkins and beautiful ware. But dry yellow leaves, cones, chestnuts, chocolate hearts, pink petals, candles, etc. – depending on a season.
The dinner passed in a warm friendly situation. Despite that my "German" strongly differs, I did not feel "nedochleny" the companies at all. The special attention, but not because of good manners was paid to "guest". Simply it is always interesting to hear the native language from outside, and still opinion on this or that of the new person. By the way, about good manners – nobody corrects speech errors. In it it is necessary to be attentive – it is necessary to improve most.
One more moment – to psychologically dependent person is necessary not simply, and to it it is necessary to be ready. When friends gather – they do not want to focus attention how they speak (hokh-doych or a dialect). They want to communicate simply. Therefore do not draw attention to the person with that you do not understand something, are constantly compelled to ask again or skuchayushche to look in a ceiling. It naturally and will last long still very much. Therefore simply try to find comfortable for yourself and surrounding situation.
About what ask foreigners? First of all, about policy. Yes, about Putin, Medvedev and Pusi Wright, about Moscow and St. Petersburg. Having spent a little time in the country, it becomes interesting to Russians to learn about policy, but from foreign sources. Opinions of the countries not always coincide. And to learn that think of us in other countries, very interestingly. By the way, it is also an integration tool in society – cinema, television, local newspapers are everything not only means of practice of living active language, but also opportunity to understand local mentality, interests, problems, than there lives society …
Home dispersed about midnight. And at once agreed next day to visit a wine exhibition in Bern.
Life of Swisses Morning of the next day began with a cup of coffee on a terrace. Proximity to the nature – a distinctive feature of Swisses. At first coffee and little fresh air. And any vanity and haste! After that morning shower, breakfast. For breakfast seldom something is prepared – an omelet or boiled eggs, porridge. More often it is cheese (more precisely, cheeses), sausage, fresh bread (or croissants), oil and confiture. And tea – black, green, a karkada … Strangely enough, cheese (despite its aroma, "special" to the Russian measures) is perfectly combined and with fresh grapes, and with fruit jelly.
After a breakfast gathered apples in a garden. Almost all romantic rural landscapes of Switzerland accompanied by apples.
Collected apples, as well as in Russia, sort – part on confiture, the part is put accurately on storage for the winter, and by the others – for S üßmost. It is apple juice. Only to do it not necessarily at home. In the neighboring village there is a farm which is engaged in processing of apples. Process is simple: brought, weighed, in a week took away ready juice in cardboard 3-or 5-liter boxes (same, as in shops). In general, products from own kitchen garden – special pride: juice from own apples, tomatoes from the bed, pumpkin from the kitchen garden, bread from own oven. It would seem – that in it special? Generally, anything, but fruits of own work do not lose value never here.
After apples it is necessary to tonsure a lawn. On the offer to make it on Sunday accurately noticed that on Sunday it is forbidden to do any noisy works even in own house. Nothing has to disturb neighbors. By the way, besides Sunday, it is forbidden to throw out glass after 17.00 on weekdays. In general about garbage – it is thrown out in special packages (but not in what are simple for eating in the house). These packages cost some sum which is considered a payment for garbage removal. In others your garbage will not be taken away simply.
Cultural life there Came time to go to the BERNER WEINMESSE 2012 exhibition.
Brief information: an annual exhibition at which more than 2 000 types of wines and local shpetsialitet are presented. Berner Weinmesse is the popular meeting place of admirers of a gastronomic delicacy. Annually the exhibition gives the chance to taste hundreds of types of wine (not only the local, but also brought from France, Italy, Germany, Macedonia and other countries), local delicacies, and, at desire, to buy them directly at an exhibition. In 2012 the exhibition was held by 42 times.
To taste all wines – it is impossible physically. Therefore we approached a rack of already familiar producer, whose wines tried more than once. I, first of all, was interested in the Swiss. Their production is aimed only at internal consumption. Only about 1-2% of the total made amount are sent for export. Therefore exactly here it was possible not only to listen to interesting lectures about production, but also to learn taste of the real Swiss wine. More precisely, the best of the Swiss wines. They are charming not only the variety from white to red, but also tastes – from lungs, sweet to dense and saturated tart. Of course, we did not go ungifted away … Further there was a tasting of cheeses and chocolate.
After visit of an exhibition a half of friends left on a football match, and we went to a pizzeria – after wine appetite oddly wakes up.
Such atmosphere as if we came on a visit reigned in a pizzeria. People was much, it was necessary to wait a little, but it did not spoil mood at all. All employees very friendly and positive. During our stay the chef several times left kitchen, walked on a hall, approached visitors was interested, whether all as it should be, joked, wished bon appetit. He welcomed several guests with hot embraces – most likely regular customers. Now the reader can sarcastically smile: as everything is sweet! No, sense of reality did not abandon me. Matter in Bern – rather small original town, where all measuredly and simply was simple. And again the myth – do not pay everyone for themselves here, ladies always remain ladies, and gentlemen – gentlemen.
Evening was spent at home.
National features of Swisses On Sunday we again were invited on a visit. Now on the occasion of birthday. The festive breakfast was organized. Yes, here it is so simply possible to celebrate such remarkable day, and anniversary.
Before a trip we turned to the private farmer to buy flowers. For the foreigner (especially from the former federal republics) it simply fairy tales: on a big field flowers, nearby a small canopy, a little table, scissors, a sheet A4 with the prices and anybody grow! You cut off any pleasant flowers on the discretion, you wrap in right there the lying paper. Then you drive up to the house of the farmer and there, on a porch, the moneybox hangs – lower in it the necessary sum. Yes, not everything is ideal, but most of people consciously pay. The trust plays large role here.
On a table again autumn scenery, chocolate hearts, pink petals. By a breakfast: cheese plates with grapes, meat plates (local shpetsialiteta), butter, croissants, home-made bread, tea, coffee, an egg pie. By the way, it is family tradition – he is trained only for Christmas and for special family dates. I was told that the birthday woman's aunt was living so far – only at it it turned out such air and gentle though many unsuccessfully tried it to prepare. As soon as the aunt did not become, it turned out at one of sisters, and since then again anybody, except it, cannot prepare it. Funny? Romantically? Yes, it is Swisses.
As readers Mirsovetov managed to notice, prepare houses it is accepted here and it is very important to have "secrets" – each woman has the "crown dishes" which submit guests.
Again feature: to family celebrations invite only relatives (as well as to Christmas). To invite together relatives and friends it is not accepted: a family and friends are different societies. Very seldom they meet together. Certainly, it concerns not to all. There are child-hood friends who are known by all relatives and which became for many years almost family members.
Gifts give the most different – from cosmetics to money. Yes, as well as in our country, sometimes approach a choice of a gift from the practical point of view, preferring to give money instead of unnecessary subjects to the house.
The breakfast was quite easy in respect of food and cozy in respect of communication. Spoke on the most different subjects. As relatives gathered, many subjects concerned a family, photos, memoirs … And again this Swiss romanticism with notes of sweet nostalgia. This day I learned a lot of new of family history, it is a lot of cheerful stories told by the birthday woman about the youth. And that is very important, saw a family at one table – warm, close bonds, of course, are the collisions, but no human relations do without it.
That look on television came back home in a hurry. The live broadcast of a jump of Felix Baumgartner from a stratosphere was the cause (from height of 39 km). We started it looking still on a visit before raising of a capsule on 18km (there were many emotions, statements and discussions). Then left to be in time for the most responsible moment – a jump. All evening was spent at the TV – the capsule was lifted by some hours. The show was fascinating. Several times even argued – whether it will break (psychologically) or not. It appeared that is not present. The moment of opening of a capsule was, likely, more disturbing, than a jump. By the way, the jump lasted a little more long than 4 minutes.
Next day, having opened the Russian-speaking Internet, I saw only poor article that a certain Austrian made the highest parachute jump, thereby having got to the book of records. It is no more than 5 offers.
The live broadcast was no more than a public relations, an action, but thanks to modern technologies millions of people could see how actually records and opening are made. In some hours of broadcasting even I in the mediocre German learned for myself a lot of new and informative (some hours of a raising of a capsule were followed not by silence). By the way, during this extreme jump Baumgartner got to the Guinness Book of Records three times: the highest raising of a balloon, the highest parachute jump, and development by the person of speed is more than a speed of a sound. And on the Russian-speaking Internet all this kept within 5 offers!
What Swisses on TV look? As well as we, have news, a weather forecast, informative transfers, a talk-show and many other things. For example, now there are series "Two and a Half Men" which in parallel goes and in our country on MTV. Enjoys popularity of the show "Superstar" – in Russia "We look for talents" or "Minute of fame" – participants not only from Switzerland, but also Germany, Ukraine, etc. By the way, Luca Hänni – the boy from the next small village was the winner of one of the last seasons, and all spoke about it with special pride! There is a Bauer sucht Frau broadcast which can be translated as "The farmer looks for the wife". It from a number of hybrids "Let's get married" and "House 2": some lonely farmers choose on a photo and letters of women which would like to meet. During a meeting communication with two women at an organized party in folklore style – clothes, music, songs, dances (it literally some hours) then men make a choice who from women will spend week at them on a farm is authorized. And further weekly broadcasting begins – as there is an acquaintance and the relations develop. Yes, it is the svodnichesky transfers extended today, but it is possible to see rural life, people with their jokes, remarks, desires and many other because in reality for the short term of training at school not all will have such opportunity. The reference for those to whom it is interesting:
In my previous visits of the country there was other show: "TraumFrau gesucht" ("I look for the woman of dream") – me was especially interesting to that men from Germany met girls from Russia/Ukraine/Belarus (reference http://www.rtl2.de/85231.html). It was interesting to take a detached view of compatriots – on mistakes and advantages (both that, and another was enough). Though some nevertheless found the halves …
Excellent practice of language is viewing of already known movies. When you know language badly, and the essence of the movie well – viewing becomes also interesting (because you understand) and training (because you hear not the measured speech of the teacher, but emotional, live, real). Too there is a lot of such movies.
In general about television. There are channels Swiss, but not only. Many channels of Germany are too help to hear language, but in other pronunciation. There are channels in the French, Italian languages.
As city life the next morning is arranged there came Monday – the beginning of working week. Rise at 5.30 – time has to be enough to be in time in office by 7.00 and on occupations by 8.00. The working day begins here early enough, and comes to an end at 16.00. To the person unaccustomed it will be heavy first, but in a week you return to normal. Such mode not only positively influences labor productivity (all know that cerebration is higher in the morning), but also in the evenings time for private life suffices. Even on weekday it is possible to meet friends, to go to the cinema or it is simple to sit in the evening in cafe.
The school was near office, and from there I walked. Beauty improbable – early morning, is still dark: you go through the bridge, the river rustles, towards morning trolleybuses slowly float. Yes, float – in this city absolutely there is no place to haste and vanity.
In small small streets you hear knock of own heels, the meeting halfway citizens friendly greet and wish good day. Yes, it is accepted to greet here if more anybody is not present around – and it is not important, these people are familiar or not. To school came in 40 minutes prior to occupations – rose in cafe, had breakfast hot croissants with fruit jelly and cocoa, glanced over a morning paper, then rose in audience.
After classes, which come to an end at 11.00, there is an opportunity to walk on the city, to do some shopping, and then home – to do homeworks. Yes, every day homeworks.
Home went by train. It was told about fare in the article "Studying of German in Switzerland". I will open one more figure – control in trains meets not so often (if this is not aboutthis is not aboutthis is not about trains to the large cities – Geneva, Zurich etc.) but if you after all get – the penalty will make about 120 francs plus the cost of the ticket. Tickets are bought not in cash desks, and in machine guns, machine guns and make the way. Very conveniently – neither turns, nor vanity because such machine guns stand everywhere – from the building of the station to platforms (on their each platform a little). But if you forgot to punch it on the platform – in the train car it will not turn out any more.

It is absolutely small part of stories about life in Switzerland. It seems to someone interesting, to someone boring. But at everyone the rhythm of life, and everyone looks for small paradise.
There is a wish to finish a narration with Anatole France's words: "Travel learn more, than something. Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more, than ten years of life of the house".
To visit the new countries it is fine, interesting, fascinating and informative. Do not lose such pleasure! Join new life completely because it is the only way to understand spirit of the country and to see more, than the simple ordinary tourist.

"The traveler sees that he sees, the tourist sees that it arrived to see"
J. K. Chesterton

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