How to develop an advertizing campaign

How to develop an advertizing campaign

Development of an advertizing campaign - rather difficult process. Here the integrated approach, knowledge of the market and consumer psychology, and also experience and high professionalism is required. Competently planned and realized advertizing campaign increases sales volume and promotes successful advance of business.

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Accurately define the campaign purpose. Without it development of effective communication is impossible. Reveal all problems which she has to solve. Before thinking over sequence of advertizing actions, it is necessary to understand that they represent and what have to be the advertizing courses.

Conduct preliminary research of target audience. It has to include its full analysis. You have to know all her preferences, track media consumption, the relation to your brand and brands of competitors. It is also necessary to give the characteristic to position which your company holds in the market, and to define the main tendencies of its development. On the basis of this research you will be able to draw conclusions on, where how and when it is better to place the advertizing messages.

Think over strategy of an advertizing campaign. At this stage it is important to define, what mass media you will use for achievement of a goal. Your choice has to have accurate justification. Here it is necessary to define nature of the main publicity which will be carried out within campaign.

Create the media plan and optimize the available data. Here already concrete mass media where your advertizing message will be placed have to appear. Specify time, date, number of broadcasts, etc. The main objective of the specialist in advertizing consists in capturing the greatest number of representatives of target audience with the smallest material inputs. By means of optimization of the media plan it becomes feasible. Most often the media plan represents the table in which all advertizing activities which will be carried out within campaign taking into account their cost are displayed.

Develop advertizing materials which will extend on the chosen platforms. Here it is possible to carry videos, banners, leaflets, etc. Further place them, according to the media plan, in the chosen mass media. They have to be most clear to potential consumers, form at them the positive relation to goods, etc.

Carry out the analysis of efficiency of your advertizing campaign. It will help to correct the existing situation and will define the necessary direction to which it is necessary to adhere in the future.