How to trace a parcel from Hong Kong

How to trace a parcel from Hong Kong

Purchases on the Internet become more popular. A big variety of goods can be ordered from China. At a right choice the thing will not only cost cheaper, but also will please with the quality. The prevailing quantity of parcels is sent from Hong Kong.

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Tracking number of your parcel, Internet

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If you decided to order goods from Hong Kong and want to be sure of safety of your parcel during transportation, in advance agree with the seller about tracking of departure and pay tracking number. The knowledge of tracking will allow you to learn at any time, at what stage of delivery there is your parcel.

You can choose one of two available tracking options in Hong Kong: sending EMS or HongKong Registered AirMail. The second option is a sending by the state mail of Hong Kong with registration or with assignment tracking of number. It is carried out by means of air mail. Delivery takes 1-1,5 months.

Tracking number in case of HongKong Registered AirMail will have R*123456789HK appearance. R are meant by registred, that is the registered parcel, * - any letter, HK - Hong Kong, and 9 figures - personal number of your parcel. You will be able to recognize him from the seller after sending goods.

EMS or Express Mail Service - faster and reliable transfer of departures. The cost of such way of sending is higher, than HongKong Registered AirMail. EMS send in 2-3 weeks, and tracking number is assigned automatically to each parcel. It will look as follows: E*123456789HK.


When you get tracking a number of your parcel, you need to visit the website of mail of Hong Kong and to choose language - English. In the menu of the site select the Mail Tracking item at the left. In the opened window enter into an empty field your tracking number and press the button. The page on which you will be able to learn about location of your parcel will open.

If you had difficulties with understanding of English, you can copy the received information and transfer it on the site translator to online the mode. Or simply copy the address of the opened page and insert it in the field of the translation. The site will execute the translation of all page.


For tracking of EMS of departures from Hong Kong you can use http://www services. On the opened page it is necessary to enter tracking number of a type of E*123456789HK into the field third from above and to press the HongKong Post button. After reset of the page you will see information on delivery of your parcel.


Also you can track movement of your parcel on the Russian-speaking site of Gdeposylk. Visit the website and enter tracking number into an empty field, press the button "Where my parcel?". Service will provide you detailed information on transfer in Russian. After registration on the site many useful functions on tracking of parcels will be available to you.