How to clean a disk from scratches

How to clean a disk from scratches

Over time on a surface of compact disks there can be scratches which will not allow to reproduce that. that is written down on these disks, further. There are special cars and tools for elimination of defects, however it is possible to cope with this problem and in house conditions.

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Concentric scratches can cause the greatest loss, they most of all influence ability of a disk to reproduction, radial scratches are, as a rule, not so dangerous. First of all, it is necessary to define a place on which there is a defect, for viewing of a mirror of a disk it is better to use light from a lamp (60 W), long influence of a bright daylight can damage the carrier.


For removal of scratches from a disk it is possible to try to polish its surface. This procedure can cause irreparable injury to a disk therefore it is necessary to be very attentive. Toothpaste about addition of baking soda best of all will be suitable for polishing, it is possible to use any other fine-grained mix (for example, used for cars).


Apply a small amount of paste on pure and soft fabric. Wipe a disk surface, beginning from the center to edge, not the concentric movements since there can be new scratches. Pressure upon a disk has to be minimum, the carrier will be polished when the friction on it is felt. The disk has to lie on a flat and firm surface, its top part (label) should not be scratched, it can lead to irrevocable loss of data since they are stored in this part.


Wash away from a disk paste warm water then let's it dry. Do not dry it on the sun and do not wipe a rag. After the surface completely dries, wipe it (from the center to edge) a soft pure rag.


Check a disk for working capacity if the carrier is still not reproduced, repeat polishing. Scratches on the polished disk have to shine, on them the set of small scratches if it scratch too deep is not observed, so have to be visible. If it reached a disk film, it will not be possible to restore the carrier any more.