How to get rid of a habit to bite lips

How to get rid of a habit to bite lips

Kusaniye of lips at first sight seems harmless but if to disregard this habit and not to get rid of it, the persuasive movement can bring many troubles and is serious affect on health and appearance of a mouth.

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Explain to yourself that the habit constantly to gnaw lips disturbs you therefore it is vital to get rid of it. Convince yourself of it, finding all new and new arguments. Consider in a mirror the appeared cracks and wounds on lips and remind yourself that there is no addiction at you, lips would look much more attractively and would be more healthy.


Control the behavior constantly. Do not give yourself any minute of relaxation during which you, having forgotten, again will press teeth the bay. Watch yourself from outside tirelessly and strictly, stop any desire to repeat stings.


Steer clear, do not communicate with people, which peculiar same addiction. Roots of this movement lie in the field of psychology, and subconscious imitation will prevent you to fight against own addictions effectively.


Indulge yourself if you manage not to bite lips. Encourage yourself with any ways what will be for you the most pleasant. Set to yourself the task not to bite a lip, for example, within four days, and having coped with this task, buy any delicacy.


Accept a multivitamin complex as deficiency of vitamins and substances in an organism results in dryness of lips, their peeling and cracking.


Use colourless lip hygienic lipstick or gloss that lips were always moistened. Drink waters more. Impose the medical balms and nutritious masks bought in drugstores or prepared independently at home from improvised products for the night.


If independently you do not manage to solve a problem, ask for the help the psychologist. The habit to bite lips is connected with a neurotic condition of mentality and not resolved internal conflicts.


Show endurance and will power and go all the way in the desire to get rid of an addiction.