How to feed a domestic turtle

How to feed a domestic turtle

Practically any kind of overland and fresh-water turtles is suitable for the contents in house conditions. Except for huge types, of course. And in Ukraine turtles marsh, Central Asian, krasnoukhy and trioniks Chinese are the most popular in Russia.

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Consider that a marsh turtle — a fresh-water predatory look. Feed an individual till two years, and also a pregnant female, once a day. Adult turtles are fed by two or three times a week.

Give in food to a marsh turtle small fish, insects, mollusks. With great pleasure she also eats meat, frogs or small ears. Do not give forcemeat, because of it can strongly water spoils.

Accustom the turtle to take meat directly from tweezers. It does it, extending the head from water, or ashore. Try to feed at the same time, then your pet will get used to a certain diet and will begin to recognize you.

Overland Central Asian (it steppe or Russian) feed a turtle with various food of a phytogenesis. Give it a large number of greens, fruit, berries and vegetables. Cut small a forage and leave it on a saucer or in a small bowl, do not feed the pet from hands. Young individuals are fed daily, adults — every other day. The quantity of a forage has to be equal by the size to a half of an armor.

Remember that to give meat, milk, bread, fish, a dog or cat's forage to this species of turtles it is impossible. Add to a diet vitamins and mineral substances once a week. Water it is not necessary to give to drink. But arrange to it once a week bathing day.

Krasnoukhy turtle as well as marsh, is fresh-water and predatory a look. Diet too the approximately identical.

Feed young individuals every day, adult two or three times a week. The quantity of a forage should not exceed two-three slices on 1 cm3 for kids and 2 cm3 for adult individuals. Give only a crude forage, it has to be room temperature.

Add a vegetable forage when the turtle grows up to a diet. The main forage for a krasnoukhy turtle — fish. Indulge the pet live fish of the small size. It can be started simply in a reservoir where there lives a turtle. Periodically give kaltsiyesoderzhashchy vitamins and top dressing.

Trioniks Chinese — is water, very aggressive look. It is included in "Red List". Feed such turtle only with live and crude food. The diet has to support fish, insects, worms, newborn mice, and also pork or beef heart. From vegetable food give salad and cabbage. Frequency of feeding same, as well as at a marsh look.