How to develop system of discounts

How to develop system of discounts

The word "discounts" is magic for most of buyers. Even small discount is capable to wag seriously on making decision on purchase. A task of the owner of trade enterprise - to build system of discounts competently and elaborately.

It is required to you

- discount cards.

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Define minimum price of sale of goods which will cover all expenses and will correspond, at least, to a profitability point. Below this level it is expedient to fall only when need to get rid of goods is more important than potential profit. For example, it concerns food at which expires an expiration date.

Establish the most admissible price of goods giving you opportunity to develop system of discounts. You can support this price level at the beginning of a season, removal on the market of exclusive goods or at start of a new collection.

Develop system of discounting for regular customers. For this purpose you can enter system of accumulative bonuses, discount cards or determine the size of a single discount at a certain sum of the check. Discount cards reckon with a progressive discount as the most effective. This method stimulates the buyer on commission of repeated purchases. Thus you have to think over carefully the size and conditions of the provided discounts. Do not force your clients to save checks for the impressive sum for receiving a scanty discount. The discount in 5% which is given out already upon the first purchase can not be reflected in your profitability, however will increase loyalty of the buyer.

Think over discounts for the period of sales. If you initially established a considerable margin on goods, any action of sales promotion will be more effective. For example, the discount in 50% will surely attract the buyer. Provide possibility of so essential reduction of price in advance, and then arrange sale at the most right moment.

Enter VIP-discounts for the most valuable clients. In this case you have to be guided not only by constancy of the specific buyer. The value of the client can be defined and other factors: its ability to attract to you a great number of other buyers, or its status forming image of your institution.