How to sheathe the wooden house

How to sheathe the wooden house

The reasons for which there is a need to sheathe the wooden house, can be much. First of all, this desire to improve appearance of the house, aspiration to make it warmer, to save walls from aging.

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There are some options of exterior finish of walls of the wooden house:
• covering siding;
• covering block house;
• covering wooden board (lining);
• facing brick;
• facing by a front tile.
To be defined what of these options most of all is suitable for you, not easy. A lot of things will depend on how the house will fit into a general view of the buildings standing a row, in a surrounding landscape and what monetary expenditure you are able to afford.


To give to the house solidity, firmness, it is possible to revet walls with a brick or to lay out them a front tile. Complexity of similar finishing that she demands good, vocational training i.e. not to do without involvement of professional builders that will significantly raise financial expenses.
If nevertheless stopped the choice on a facing of walls a brick, before resolve an issue: whether the increase in load of it from an additional wall, even laid out in a half-brick will sustain the base. Facing by a tile demands performance of preliminary works - an upholstery of walls a grid and the subsequent their plaster. One more moment which it is necessary to remember if you decided to revet walls with a tile or to impose with a brick is an age of the house. Again built house can be trimmed with these materials only after some time after its construction since it is necessary that the house gave natural shrinkage.


Almost faultless option is a covering a tree or under a tree, i.e. a covering lining or a block house. At all times the tree differed from other materials in natural beauty, ability to decorate appearance of any structure. In addition, such work can quite be performed independently and to have deep satisfaction, beholding work of the.

However, on completion of work on a house covering, it will be necessary to protect an external surface from moisture influence, i.e. to varnish in some layers or paint. Further, it is necessary to repeat these operations each two-three years.


From modern materials the siding enjoys the increasing popularity. Its main advantages:
• relative low cost;
• wide color gamut;
• this material does not demand additional leaving in use.
Works on facing as a siding are quite simple and available to any person who has a desire something to make the hands.


Previously section 50kh30mm make a framework for fastening of panels of a wooden bar. Bars have vertically, strictly on a plumb. Between extreme bars pull a thread for alignment of intermediate bars. Bars of a framework fix with a step in the 60-70th.

When using a metal siding in space between a wall and the panel lay a heater and make a waterproofing.

When using a siding from polyvinylchloride panels the device of a heater is desirable, but it is not obligatory. In this case between the panel and a wall of the house ventilating wells are formed. By means of klyammer on a framework fix saydingovy panels.