How to prepare cutlets chopped of the mixed meat?

How to prepare cutlets chopped of the mixed meat?
To prepare such cutlets take the following ingredients:

Beef with a bone (shovel) – three hundred grams;
Pork with a bone – two hundred grams;
Onions – fifty grams;
Roll stale – sixty grams;
Milk (water) – hundred twenty five grams;
One egg;
Pounded crackers – forty grams;
Fat – sixty grams;
Salt, pepper – to taste.


1. Separate meat from a bone, wash, dry, clear of films and cut pieces.

2. Small cut onions, fry.

3. Wet a roll in milk and wring out.

4. Two times pass meat, a roll and onions via the meat grinder, salt, pepper, add egg and mix so that magnificent weight turned out.

5. Divide forcemeat into eight balls, priplusnit each ball, to thickness in one and a half centimeters. Roll in in crackers, give the oval form and fry from both parties in the warmed fat on average fire.

6. Before the end of frying put a little fat on each cutlet and roast to a turn on the edge of a plate and whether in an oven (about about ten minutes).

7. Lay out ready cutlets on an oblong dish and give to a table.