How to meet New year with a family

How to meet New year with a family

New year not without reason is considered family celebration. After all sometimes at the holiday table some generations gather. However the program of New Year's evening is often limited to joint viewing of the TV and tasting of salads. The competent organization of house celebration will help to avoid boredom.

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Dress up! A family masquerade — excellent idea which for certain will be to the taste to children. However you should not let matters drift. At first think over subject. For example, it is possible to organize a piracy party or to use fantastic motives. Having decided on the concept, share idea with all future guests. However be ready to that many will forget about thematic suits. Therefore it is worth preparing the accessories suitable on style: hats, masks, ears. All this can be got in specialized shops. Also it is worth thinking over "punishment" for those who will come in usual clothes: to tell a New Year's verse, having risen on a stool, to sing a song or to perform other comic task.

Have a good time! Prepare games and quizes which will help to entertain the audience at a New Year's table. The main thing that they were interesting to both children and adults. Alternate musical, creative and sports competitions, pick up some tasks for sharpness. Do not forget that entertainments have to correspond not only to New Year's subject, but the party plot chosen by you. Do not forget to hold competition on the best suit, and also on the best ornament for a fir-tree created by hands of guests from improvised materials.

Help yourself! Do not forget about the festive menu. It is possible to agree that each invited will bring one dish from the house. Such option izabavit you from wearisome watch at a plate. However anyway it is worth preparing 2-3 salads, a main course and a dessert. It is better if for some time till festive evening you learn about preferences of guests, whether and also will take an interest somebody from invited by an allergy to any products suffers.

Decorate! Decorate the house garlands, self-made snowflakes, compositions from fir-tree branches and toys. Put a figure of Father Frost who will welcome guests at an entrance door. Write down a selection of New Year's and Christmas melodies on a disk. They will help to create rather festive, joyful atmosphere with the house. Prepare a small gift for each guest and hide it. At the height of fun suggest attendees to find gifts, using the notes helps which are in the most unexpected places.