How to optimize the site under Yandex

How to optimize the site under Yandex

In order that the site was seen by the user, it has to find it the searcher. The most popular system for search of the sites in a RuNet is "Yandex". For this reason it is important to achieve that the site by key inquiry got to a top of this search engine. For this purpose optimize the site under "Yandex".

It is required to you

Existence of the Internet, knowledge of search optimization of the sites

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The first, on what pays attention of Yandex, - quantity of content on the site. That is information on the site has to be as much as possible, and it has to be unique. Search algorithms of system very accurately filter the stereotyped text even if it is passed through sinonimayzer. The same with the so-called bredotekst representing the incoherent text with high occurrence of klyuchevik. Therefore kopipast use only as a last resort, and do not insert a bredoteksta into the site in general.


Fill in on the site texts with a density of keywords around 5%, and averages on volume pages. Thus pay attention to navigation and structuring the text - Yandex loves the sites good and clear to the user. Establish metatags, they and now at Yandex in honor.


As much as possible increase number of external references to pages of the resource. Yandex defines the weighed citing index (WCI) to define popularity of the site. Publish references on the thematic websites as Yandex very well learned to define subject of the site. In this case from them there will be the maximum effect.


Do not refuse optimization under Yandex if at once did not receive result. The resource is more senior, the Yandex treats with big trust to it. If to continue to use available tools for search optimization, the site will go to a top sooner or later.


Not to get under Yandex filters, do not allow on the dorveestroitelstvo site. That is, on the site there should not be a content generated automatically with a high density of keywords. Yandex finally will calculate also a cloaking when information issued to the searcher does not correspond to that that is located on the site. And also redirects – pages, which only purpose to redirect the user on other resource.