How to check the hdmi cable

How to check the hdmi cable

HDMI cables are used for a sound transmission and the image of a high definition. At their choice it is important to check existence of defects in advance as except inconveniences when viewing you also risk to spoil expensive equipment.

It is required to you

- tester of cables.

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Upon purchase of a HDMI cable use the special device for the test of cables. It is rather difficult to find it in sale, but you can order it on the Internet. It is one of the few most reliable ways to check quality of a cable upon purchase. Also you can use for these purposes a tester, but it long enough and inconveniently.

Attentively examine the soldering of the plug, it has to conform to standards and on it there should be no traces of mechanical influence. For comparison examine plugs of 2-3 more cables to be convinced of its compliance. Without fail pay attention to color of metal, it also should not differ.

Check completely cable length, on it there should be no ledges and roughnesses, not to mention intervention traces. At connection by this cable of devices pay attention to its length – without amplifier it should not exceed hundred meters therefore quality of the image has to be ideal for a wire of smaller length.

Choose for check the movie in permission of HD, start it and check compliance of strips (it is not necessary to consider them everything, it will be noticeable at once) and lack of other defects when viewing.

Give preference to purchase of HDMI cables in special shops which are engaged in sale of goods of radio engineering and to shops of consumer electronics. Do not buy cheap or low-quality wires as they quickly fail. Do not order them in online stores and before purchase at opportunity check them on various devices.

Also pay attention to packing of a cable – it has to have a trade dress. At a choice of a cable be guided also by reputation of the producer, do not trust unknown brands of goods and do not take wires on which there is no information on the manufacturer.