How to know a sex of a krasnoukhy turtle

How to know a sex of a krasnoukhy turtle

Probably, each person getting the domestic pet inevitably wants to learn, "boy" or "girl" will lodge at his place, and krasnoukhy turtles – not an exception. How to distinguish a male of a krasnoukhy turtle from a samochka? Take our advice.

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Before achievement by turtles of a sexual maturity which occurs at the age of 6-8 years, to the beginning naturalist to understand who is who, quite difficult. It and is clear: it is necessary to define a sex of "krasnoushka" on very indistinct signs which can vary both between floors, and from an individual to an individual.


Be guided on a tail

At males a tail quite long, reinforced at the basis. At the self-check the tail is shorter because in it is located yaytsevod. The foul place the self-check is on a tail at the edge of a carapace (the top party of an armor). The foul place of males is located much further on a tail.


Estimate a plastron

The plastron is a belly party of a tortoise shell. At males he concave, it is explained by need to a male to keep on an armor of a female during pairing. Samochki have more flat plastron.


Watch behavior

Males behave more actively, than samochka. Sometimes in behavior of males it is possible to notice also signs of aggression that women practically never afford.


Compare distance between the top and lower surface of an armor at different individuals

As samochka are adapted by the nature for postponement of eggs, the back edge of a plastron and corners of a carapace at them form an opening which diameter is more, than at males.


Look narrowly at a muzzle

Experts assure that the muzzles of males which were more pointed than at females.


As for sex determination of mature turtles, it is quite easy to identify it on length of claws and the sizes of a body. Samochki are much larger than males. Thus males on forepaws "let grow" long claws what at "great ladies" never happens. However be attentive: this secondary sexual sign can be nullified by continuous grinding about a surface of "sushi" in a terrarium, especially if "land" has the scratching surface.