How to make a table

How to make a table

If you got a country site with a lodge, constructed on it a smart summer arbor and want to acquire in it wooden furniture – there is no need to look for it in shops. It is possible to make a tree table the hands it is rather simple to make.

It is required to you

boards for a table-top from 20 to 30 mm thick, square whetstones of 40х40 mm, a hammer, a saw, a drill, construction level, a plane, nails or self-tapping screws.

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Decide on the sizes and a form of a table. It is possible to make also an oval table, but it is simpler – a usual form, rectangular or square.

Begin with a framework – collect a rectangular framework from whetstones, by the sizes it has to be 20-40 mm less, than the planned table sizes. Watch right angles. It is better to fix long whetstones in an end face the short – it is possible nails, but it is better to use self-tapping screws of the corresponding length.


From the inside on corners of a framework fasten legs of future table. It is necessary to fix legs from two planes, four self-tapping screws usually are for this purpose used. It will prevent their shaking.


Establish a ready framework on legs and check the horizontal plane construction level. It is better to adjust the plane now, differently to make a table equal and not unsteady it will be rather problematic.


On a ready framework from above fix the table-top boards which are in advance prepared on length, watching their close contact. If there is an opportunity to get boards with fastening a groove crest, it is the most suitable option. Here the drill – for a razvaltsovyvaniye of openings under self-tapping screws is required. Self-tapping screws in a table-top need to be drowned on depth not less than 5 mm.


Process a ready surface of a table a plane, at desire smooth out an emery cloth or an abrasive disk on a drill.


Close up openings from self-tapping screws a special interline interval which is on sale in any household shop.


The table can be painted, covered with wood stain, a varnish or to leave in the natural form.

Your table is ready!